Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm not gonna rant.

I'll just say this: same shit, different name. Men and their so-called pride.

There. Deep breaths.

- - -

Highlights of the MTV PIlipinas Awards:

  • An awesome and kick-ass opening act from Kamikazee and PNE. Wala akong masabi kay Jay Contreras. Freakshow talaga! Imagine following up a split with another split? And Chito's yellow and white spartans? Anak ng...harharhar!
  • There's the ultimate performance from UpDharmaDown who sang Maybe and Pag-Agos (good thing they didn't sing "OO" or I would've bawled my eyes out on the spot..hmm, I wonder what I will happen on Friday for the Rockestra. They'd be sure to perform OO)
  • Urbandub brought down the house. I thought there was an earthquake. Ayos, pare.
  • FrancismM presenting AND receiving the MTV Generation Award. His surprised reaction is just, just priceless. And then it was followed by a rousing performance of Dicta License. FrancisM can't help but join the revelry as they sang staple hits such as "Ito Ang Gusto Ko," "Mga Kababayan," and of course, "Kaleidoscope World" which garnered them a standing ovation. Man, even Jhamie was teary-eyed. That was a precious moment.
  • JD Fortune of INXS taking of his shirt and revealing a very, hot bod. I didn't enjoy the press junket for the INXS earlier that morning. It was too stuffy and strict. But hell, he's so hot. What more can a girl could ask for?
  • And the icing on the cake? Sandwich winning the Video of the Year seconds before they perform the closing act with Masilungan and Sugod. Maps voice was near breaking as she gave her thank you speech. Wow. Simply wow.
  • There were some funny moments though..."Hindi ako poor!" (you might need to watch this for yourself when it airs on the 20th)

I was whooping and hollering the whole time.

I forgot that I am running on 0 hours of sleep.

If only I didn't have to work afterwards.

This was the most fun that I've had in awhile.

I think I deserve it.


Men are such neanderthals. I know its not the smartest thing to say right now but I'm so frigging pissed.

Yeah, you, Clod.


wary_of_scars said...

And to think you said you weren't affected by the txt msg you read off ardee's phone.hehe.peace!

At ateh, hindi po Masilungan yun, "Walang Kadaladala" ho, or as mr.raims endearingly quips from time to time, Warang Kadaradara..nyahahaha. May sentimental value sa akin ang kantang iyan.:P

flaming peach said...

oo nga eh, 'walang kadala-dala' nga. pero pasensiya, bangag nako ng isinusulat ko yan.