Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is So Gonna Piss You Off...

..because I know I am.

I am joining Gorgoro's sentiments.

F*ck!ng bureaucrats. Trying to spoil the fun.

But I think all is not lost yet. I heard that the sponsors are still trying to negotiate with the bureaucrats.

So if it doesn't happen on August 30, it may just be moved at a later date.


Friday, August 22, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Your hubris definitely astounded me. For a minute there, I was almost amazed by you.

But I'm more amazed by my husband. he asked you a really loaded question: Who, really, is the biggest loser in here? Is it him or you?

There's just something wrong with your moral vacuum. You speak, talk and look like a human yet the way you treat your family really appalls me. I see you with other people and your personality changes radically. And I thought I was the Queen of Plastics.

And I don't need to know your history with your mom to judge for myself that you treat your mom and your entire family like crap. I've seen enough.

You're so settled on your high-horse that you would probably hit the ground with a very loud thud. Someday. Hopefully.

And I'll never retract any of my posts about you. I've been blogging for 4 years now and I have no intention of retracting any of my posts just because you said so. It ain't gonna happen. And besides I'm not naming names here, so bato-bato sa langit, tamaan guilty. =)

This is probably the last time that I'll ever write about you. It had been fun writing blind items about you. But I won't waste any more of my space. You are just not worth it.

Can't wait for the day that karma bites you in the ass real hard. And this is of course after you fall off your high horse. Yee-haw!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sick Week

I thought it was just case of oversleeping last Monday morning. When I woke up after 10 hours of sleep, I had a headache and my right eye was watery. I attributed the headache to the heat and the eye irritation to my contact lenses but my health took a nosedive late in the afternoon. After bathing, fever set in. My fever alternated between 38 and 39 point something degrees. Thankfully it didn't reach 40 degrees. My eyes were watering and secreting a lot but at least it did not itch nor was painful. My throat wasn't sore either but my appetite is still bleh. I was chilling most of the time and probably hallucinating and Tuesday afternoon I was brought by husband and brother to the Capitol Medical Center ER.

After urinalysis and CBC were done, I waited for THREE hours for the result. And I DON'T like waiting at all. So by the time they got the results, I was seething and pissed and just about ready to headbutt any medical personnel. Why? Because I was shivering in that cold 'bed' that they have lying out in the hallway. My husband requested for an extra blanket which came 30 minutes after. Nobody bothered to come and check my thermometer or offer me any Tempra or fever reliever. And I can't figure out why it took their laboratory three hours to analyze my urine and blood.

Well it was just a case of infection, I was prescribed some antibiotics but they couldn't do anything about my eye infection because they don't have an available ophthalmologist but there is no way that I am going back there.

By Tuesday morning, before he left for work, my husband's right eye had started to show signs of infection but he still went. And another stroke of bad luck, my mom caught the flu and was very weak and unable to care for Wolf which left me no choice but to handle him instead.

The poor guy got conjunctivitis too!

So after my husband's shift we all went to the Fatima Eye Center where we got relatively better service.

So we're all seeing red right now. But I'm on my way to recovery. Wolf's both eyes are red. I just can't stand looking at them. I pity him so much. My husband is showing symptoms of flu today but luckily I'm now able to take care of them.

Haay. Ang nanay bawal magkasakit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Original source

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have called it quits, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE.

"They had a great time together but they are just in different places in their lives right now," says a source of Aniston, 39, and Mayer, 30, who kicked off their courtship in April.

A friend of Mayer adds that a reconciliation isn't necessarily out of the question: "He never ends things with a clean slate. He likes to dwell on these relationships and sort everything out before saying goodbye for good."

The split was first reported Wednesday by the U.K.'s Mirror, which said the couple split earlier this week, after initially deciding to spend some time apart.

Reps for Aniston and Mayer have declined to comment.


Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mischievous Constipated Elf

I remember Ms. Susana Macapagal fondly. She was our professor in World Literature. I am usually disruptive during classes because I can't be stopped from spewing one liners that would, well, disrupt the class into chaos. In the middle of discussing The Iliad, one semester, out of exasperation she pointed to me and said, 'You! You are like a mischievous constipated elf!'

Well the moniker stuck.

But I'm ready to bequeath the title now to my 6 month old punk.

He really can't get the hand of turning over on his stomach but he can definitely utilize his walker at 6 months.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Somewhere Between John Mayer and Her Pillow

...Jennifer Aniston must be crying buckets right now. Never been a huge fan of her during her FRIENDS time but I did try to copy some of her 'do (which turned out to be total disasters). She's okay, but I'm still split between Phoebe and Joey.

Anyway, how cute is Shiloh. =). To quote,
"And Shiloh is totally holding one of the golden twins and thinking, "I finally have someone to play with in the basement!" That you do, Shiloh." hahahahaha.

Brad and his crow's feet is really fighting the hot in here. That said, he's slowly entering the gurang but hot category. I still love him though! Angie still needs to pack a few more pounds. And please, nix the Catwoman and future Lara Croft projects. Just do the sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That should do it.

This set of twins is cute. Better than Jlo's and Skeletor's(TM)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Buddha and the Devil =)

He's usually One with Everything

but sometimes, evil rears its ugly head...


This is your definitive Like Father, Like Son moment right here.