Thursday, December 09, 2004


Backlogged I have so many stuff that i wanted to post for the longest time but for some reason i can't seem to find the time have them published. All i want to do is sleep and hope that when i wake up this horrible season will be over, and that it will be new year's already. i hate christmas season (sorry, guys, i'm being the grinch again, i know)


i want to congratulate karen for landing that position at PS. you go, k!

i want to congratulate ailil for finally realizing that there could be life after what's-his-name...lesbians for life tayo bro! (the hell with brad..he he)

i want to thank jaymee for those vcd's that i ordered. you really made my day. i'll get the rest of them maybe next week. and good luck sa Acquaintance Party niyo. I've been hearing that you're having a hard time organizing the stuff, but you'll make it. Veteran na ang LitSoc sa mga half-baked plans...he he...

- - -
I'm such a high-pressurized sentient being right now, i feel like i'm levitating with every step. how long will this last?