Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thursday Mayhem

Thursday afternoon, Wolf and I were playing when we heard Maya's frantic barking just outside the window. We looked out and found my brother restraining Maya but thought nothing of it and even waved 'Hi!' to him.

We resumed playing and after a minute I heard my brother yelling my name and asked me to get the cat.


So I raced out back and found my heavily-perspired brother restraining Maya while a thin and bedraggled cat lay a few feet away.  Kuya was grasping Maya by the scruff of her neck while poking the cat away from Maya.

The cat, unfortunately, chose to wander into our house this one afternoon that Maya was freely roaming around. According to my brother, he found Maya clamped on the poor cat's hind legs and was swinging it around. Which is probably the reason why the cat was lying around helplessly because her legs were injured. The cat is a fighter though because she was still hissing and clawing at us for all she was worth. 

The problem was how to move her without getting scratched at the process because she was really going at us with her uninjured paws.

I managed to find a shovel and carefully slipped it under the cat to avoid further injury. I was still scared to move her because she may jump and scratch my eyes out so Dad had to do it for me. Hehe.

Anyway, we put the cat outside were we had a small patch of land that has a fence on it so that she can recuperate undisturbed. 

By nighttime, she was gone though. Hope she survived.

What would've happened to her if we hadn't intervene? Imagine the mayhem.

 Maya, the aftermath

Poor kitty.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking Forward To The Holy Week

Haven't been blogging much, have I?

There have been many instances and happenings that I would have wanted to write about but for some reason, I find myself running dry on words.

I blame it on my lack of space. We're still nomads without a place of our own. A recent event triggered yet another reason to temporarily move someplace else and my muse must have been fed up by the constant disruption and has left. Temoporarily, I hope.

I am not particularly religious but I find myself looking forward to the weeklong vacation that I am going to have. I am hoping that the downtime will restore my words.

It has been too long.