Monday, August 21, 2006

Bangag to the nth Degree

Oh god, Oh god. One of these days I'll be receiving a text message or a phone call from my brother. I messed up his PC.


I hope he'd be able to fix it without replacing anything. Otherwise there'd be another trip to the poorhouse for me.

I had the best intention when I went home Saturday. I was planning on finishing my deadlines which had really piled up.

But then there was the lure of Sims 2.

Stupid, addicting game.

Before I knew it, the pc crashed and it won't restart anymore.

Holy crap, my brothers would crucify me for this.

I can already hear, "wala ka na nagang kino-contribute dito...magsisira ka pa."

Buti na lang hindi kame nag-abot nung umaga naku kung hindi, giyera yun.

Anyway, I still have my deadlines to finish. I've no choice but to finish them all using the pc's available in my office.

. . .

My stomach is very, very queasy.

Bwisit. In all the years since I've started drinking last night was the first time that I ever threw up.


To sum it up, I did a 'Raggy' over at Monyat's.

Stupid Grand Matador and GSM blue and Tortillos.

Atleast I still had the decency to clean up my mess even if I was so whacked. Hehe, OC talaga.

No carpets to scrub this time.

Literally crawling up the stairs.

Napagalitan pako ni Boa.

Thank god for Lucky Me Lomi.

It was only the two of us, Monyat and I.

At least we got to finish the year-old bottle of Gran didn't live long enough to witness another birthday of Joi's. Hehe.

But ooh, the price we had to pay.

Monyat and Pong fought. I told her to sleep on it.

My stomach is having its own little Battle Royale inside me.

And did I mention that I still had to go to work?

. . .

Last Friday was fun.

Rockestra II was okay, despite the screaming, pimply, pre-pubescent sitting behind us. I was so ready to stab them with Jhamie's cutter. Napigilan lang ako.

Medyo bitin. Pero okay ang line up. The bomb ang UpDharmaDown at The Dawn. And surprisingly pati yung Hale at Itchyworms. Disappointed with Urbandub's set. I wish they included First of summer. Pero sige, keri. Panalo si Jon Santos aka Tita Midz. Hilarious. Pero patalo yung init. Sobra.

Kakaawa si Karen at ang sweetie pie ko (ick, can't pull that off, can i?).

. . .

Three hours to go.

. . .

Medyo may nagugustuhan ako sa office. Sana maudlot. Bad.

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