Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boys Growing Up

Wolf will start school next year. It was our option not to enroll him early as most parents do these days. I was on the premise that my parents sent me to school at the right age and I had no trouble coping and that my son will be the same. It's pretty risky but we figured that we want him to optimize his childhood because he has his whole life ahead of him for socialization and learning. Learning would not stop when he graduates. it would go on and on as long as he meets other people and experience lots of things outside of school.

 Wolf is showing signs of independence lately. I'm a bit sad to see my punk growing up but that's life. 

Here is Wolfie with my brother's 6 month old punk, Jarrett.

Wolfie is definitely big brother material now. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Morning Sa Inyooooo!

Happy to be back blogging.

I am just happy that Wolfie is now recovered after his bout with Pneumonia last week.

I was shuttling back and forth the hospital and work because there were lots of work that needs to be done. My body felt the exhaustion and I got sick as well.

I realized that with my current work, I am unable to achieve that work-life balance. A drastic change is in order. I have been so unhappy and tired for so long that I'm throwing in the towel. My family is more important.

Below are the pictures that we took while confined at the Medical City Pasig.

Wolf said that he 'loves his room!'

Trying to have fun with his dada.

A boy who just can't wait to get home.

Eating his carrots.

Pure exhaustion.