Sunday, January 16, 2005

More Whinings

More Whinings This entire page had been blank for the last five minutes. I had been lightly tapping at the keyboard, hating and accentuating the fact that I had no decent thing to write about. This is what happens when you spend so much time staring at a computer, and talking to dimwitted Americans and Indians, making each other’s lives miserable. Words just used to flow out freely from my hand to my fingertips without so much effort and now I am reading my friend’s journal entries for the past months and now I realized why. I had no life. Right now, life is the tiny cubicle in my office that is littered with paper and stained coffee mug and getting as much sleep as I could without being branded as a lady boarder at my own house (sometimes I feel as if my parents are 5 minutes short of asking me to pay my monthly rent). If not for my teammates, and my intermittent movie and lunch dates with friends, and of course seeing Ultraman at the office, I might have gone crazy.

Right now, this is where my life revolves, period. Not much else. Pretty boring, huh? I don’t even have that much time to whine about my current status in life. I’d rather get some sleep or catch up on the old CSI reruns. Whattalife. Whattawaste.