Monday, October 31, 2005

Launch of My Gallery

Will post all pics of artists/event that I've met/attended...soon!

Friday, October 28, 2005


My sweet nice ass is jumping out in excitement right now because payday is just a few hours away. After weeks of utter 'impotence,' you will be seeing crossed lines on my wishlist...(insert evil laugh). I'm supposed to be recording for accent training right now but intonation exercises are so boring that's why since my trainer is busy doing one on one, I have visited and commented on manong guard's and kidflash's site (which I should link to my blog one of these days)...drowning myself in tori amos MP3's that can be found here. Dang! It takes about a bat of an eyelash to download everything that I still get surprised.
3 hours left until the end of the shift...*sigh*

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hell Is Other People

Just got home after my first day of work. Yeah, its another call center but I just need the money so badly and the only way of making myself not to quit that easily was to apply for a call center that requires a bond. So there. Besides Christmas is just around that bend, and as much as I find the Holiday trivial and exhausdting, I still have to make my godchildren and nephews happy.

I also want to buy a nifty Digital SLR cam like the one Jhamie has or something like it. Para ayuz...hehe. Sawa na akong magpapiktyur kasama ang mga popstars, rockstars, and the like.

- - -

Boring, boring, boring. Lalo na pag naalala ko na may gig kagabi yung Kamikazee sa Mayric's at inimbitahan ako (kame). At pag naririnig kong mag Amspeak con todo yung mga hinayupak na officemates ko na parang kala mo nasa Cincinnati, Ohio talaga kame, parang gusto kong magback out at bayaran na lang yung 20,000 na bond ko.

Pero shempre, in the end, as Jhamie texted, "think about the moolah."

- - -

Meron din isang nakakabwisit na bata na ka-batch ko (UP undergraduate kase so feeling niya isa siyang Diyos.) Masyadong marameng energy. Scenario: Hindi naman depressed pero uminom ng dalawang tabletas ng Prozac. Ganun. Sobra sa pa-bibo palibhasa first job niya. Kaso nung may exercise kame na gumawa daw ng Map namin about our journey at Convergys, aba'y narinig ko sa kabilang mesa, pinipilit sa mga groupmates niya ang konsepto ng metaphor sa isang boses na rinig ng lahat ng tao. Kinang-ina. Hindi ba niya alam sabe ni Kafka, metaphors kill literature. Ako nga lit major pero puro kabulastugan ang ginagawa ko dun sa poster namin at hindi mo ako maririnig na nage-exhort tungkol sa theories on the history of sexuality ni Michel Foucault kahit I'm so damn bored na.

Pero atleast, casually detached na ako sa kanila. Wala na akong balak magma-close sa kanila dahil hindi rin naman magtatagal ang pagsasama namin. Why complicate things further? Basta ang focus ko ngayon, yung trabaho ko sa Convergys at ang pagususulat ko. Tapos. Ay kasama pa pala Freefall dun...but that's IT. Marame ngang taga-Valenzuela sa officemates ko at nung nasa LRT kame nag-aya silang mag-meet on a certain time para sabay kameng papasok, tumanggi na lang ako. Politely naman, of course. Basta may discman ako pagpasok, keri na ako dun.

Anyway ayun...eto na ako. Gustong sipain ang sarili sa katarantaduhang akin na namang pinasok.

And in true existentialist fashion, the fault is mine alone.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Finish Line

One more article to go then I am homefree. Looking forward to watching "The 40 Year Old Virgin" tmorrow, with Jhamie and hopefully Ardee.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Falling Apart

Everything is falling apart in this goddamned household. First the PS2 got busted....It won't turn on (but its okay because I don't play it much anymore but I have to fix it because I learned that Tomb Raider: Legend will be released on the last uarter of the year)

Then the microwave oven sparked yesterday morning, so we are now reheating leftovers the old fashioned way.

What's next?

- - -

Submitted one of my article (the Nina concert)...I'm halfway done with the Jimmy Bondoc/Paolo Santos article...same with PNE but I can't help but guffaw everytime I listen to the interview. Those are really funny sonofabitches.

After those I thought I was home free na but I promised the 6th Day article to Kuya Rons pa pala...Haay.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Toothless Fairy

Had one of my molars extarcted after a piece broke off during our night out at Monyat's. Damn its hurting.

People lie.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Deadlines that I owe for my editor:

1. Nina Concert coverage
2. Parokya ni Edgar interview
3. Jimmy Bondoc/Paolo Santos Benefit Concert.

This is all for Monday and I haven't written a single word. What the f*ck is wrong with me?

- - -

I'm scared. Terrified. But excited, somewhat. Will shed some light soon. Afraid to jinx 'it.'