Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bug Off!

I just want to to work peacefully. I'm only doing what I've been told. If you have issue with other people in the office, don't drag me in it.

Para Kay Brutal Grace

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I don't even know how to begin writing this. I'm exhausted enough as it is. I should be sleeping just about now but instead I'm still here at the office.

I like him. I really do. Sometimes I even feel like I love him.


I realize I could still like other people too.

When I asked him if he is also seeing someone else, I was hoping for an absolution.

Or an excuse.

And sometimes, the answer that I'm hoping for is what I don't get.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A. A.

Yeah, I know after that disgusting episode at Monyat's that happened quite recently, I made a vow to stay away from alcohol for awhile and 1 week after I'm back chugging down Red Horse and GSM blue.

What the hell's wrong with me?

Do I need to enroll myself to AA?

Btw, that was last Friday, over at Monyat's (again), but this time with JoeDude. That is one talkative drunk Ilokano.

- - -

Haay. Somewhat pissed because the new account's opening has been pushed back for another week so I'm still frigging selling diabetic stuff to old people, and well, it's getting old. Kakatamad pumasok. I was absent last Friday, btw. Ulcer attacks.

Motti's birthday was celebrated last Saturday. Went home and brought Boa with me.

He already met three of my brothers. And some other relatives who were there. Wala lang. Hehe.

Abswelto din ako sa pagka-sira ng PC namin. Talaga pa lang sira na siya. Whew. Kinabahan ako. Hehe.

Kakatuwa, kinakausap naman ng kapatid ko si Boa. OKay lang naman. Medyo malakas na rin siya sa nanay ko dahil ipinagluto siya ng pata tim, may take home pa. Okay lang din siya sa mga tia at tito ko, tapos naka-bond niya rin ang mga pinsan ko. =p. Kakapagod kaya tulog agad kame pagka-uwi. Masaya din ang gising namin. (wink!).
- - -

Wala ako sa mood. May psycho dito sa office. And whatever that I'm feeling for THAT person...good luck na lang sa'kin.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shet. Ang Hirap Bumenta.

at dahil diyan...magsasagot na lang ako ng meme.

three names you go by:
1. chel
2. chelli vanelli
3. cheloi

three screen names you have had:
1. evil_pig
2. chel_p3
3. the flaming peach!!!

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. chinky eyes that disappears when i smile
2. muscular legs. hehe. (okay lang daw, sabi ng baby ko kase soccer player ako)
3. my eyebrows. i dont need to pluck 'em.

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. my skin is very oily so i'm more prone to breakouts
2. i hate my upper arms. but it still won't stop me from wearing tank tops.
3. my fats are unevenly distributed.

three parts of your heritage:
1. my cleft chin. inherited from my ma's side
2. i am small like my lolo kulas.
3. i'm bisexual. from ma's side. it runs in the family, oh yes it does.

three things that scare you:
1. there's an apparition i've been seeing in my current office.
2. lizards. why won't they all die?
3. losing my ability to write

three of your everyday essentials:
1. cell phone.
2. my music
3. pc

three of your favorite musical artists as of now:
1. UpDharmaDown. Patuloy akong papaiyakin ng "OO."
2. Urbandub. Wala akong pakialam kung emo siya sa tingin ng iba.
3. Sugarfree.

three of your favorite songs:
1. A Sorta Fairy Tale (Tori Amos)...when trying to bounce back from a one nighter.
2. Oo (UpDharmaDown)...basta.
3. Crystal (Stevie Nicks)...pag inlove

three things you want in a relationship:
1. erotically stimulating. hehe. really.
2. spiritually uplifting
3. intellectually satisfying

three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:
1. gusto ko yung mapapa-sign of the cross yung nanay ko pag nakita siya. hehe.
2. magandang haircut.
3. makinis na siko.

three of your favorite hobbies:
1. videoke
2. food tripping and discovering new places to eat
3. Sims2. Nerd.

three things you want to do really badly now:
1. eat PASTA.
2. finish all my deadlines para wala nakong problema
3. mag Sims2 ng buong maghapon.

three careers you're considering/you've considered:
1. go back to teaching
2. pornographer-photographer.
3. professional traveller

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. New York ng makapag Sex and the City dun.
2. Paris. 'nuff said.
3. Hongkong Disneyland with my bebi.

three kid's names you like:
1. Wolfgang
2. Guinevere. (hehe, puta-puta ang anak ko)
3. Alyssa

three things you want to do before you die:
1. write and publish a book
2. go to New Zealand
3. work in a cruise ship

three ways that you are stereotypically a boy:
1. medyo techie ako.
2. no fuss ako when it comes to fAShion and kikay stuff
3. cowboy. walang arte.

three ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
1. sobrang sensitive
2. OC
3. i need my girlfriends to cry on.

three celeb crushes:
1. jude law
2. louie talan
3. laetitia casta

three people that i would like to see take this quiz:
1. jhamie
2. karen
3. toni-banana.





Location: Arnaiz Ave. cor C. Roces Ave (Pasong Tamo Ext.), Makati
10am-9pm Mon-Sat


Monday, August 21, 2006

Bangag to the nth Degree

Oh god, Oh god. One of these days I'll be receiving a text message or a phone call from my brother. I messed up his PC.


I hope he'd be able to fix it without replacing anything. Otherwise there'd be another trip to the poorhouse for me.

I had the best intention when I went home Saturday. I was planning on finishing my deadlines which had really piled up.

But then there was the lure of Sims 2.

Stupid, addicting game.

Before I knew it, the pc crashed and it won't restart anymore.

Holy crap, my brothers would crucify me for this.

I can already hear, "wala ka na nagang kino-contribute dito...magsisira ka pa."

Buti na lang hindi kame nag-abot nung umaga naku kung hindi, giyera yun.

Anyway, I still have my deadlines to finish. I've no choice but to finish them all using the pc's available in my office.

. . .

My stomach is very, very queasy.

Bwisit. In all the years since I've started drinking last night was the first time that I ever threw up.


To sum it up, I did a 'Raggy' over at Monyat's.

Stupid Grand Matador and GSM blue and Tortillos.

Atleast I still had the decency to clean up my mess even if I was so whacked. Hehe, OC talaga.

No carpets to scrub this time.

Literally crawling up the stairs.

Napagalitan pako ni Boa.

Thank god for Lucky Me Lomi.

It was only the two of us, Monyat and I.

At least we got to finish the year-old bottle of Gran didn't live long enough to witness another birthday of Joi's. Hehe.

But ooh, the price we had to pay.

Monyat and Pong fought. I told her to sleep on it.

My stomach is having its own little Battle Royale inside me.

And did I mention that I still had to go to work?

. . .

Last Friday was fun.

Rockestra II was okay, despite the screaming, pimply, pre-pubescent sitting behind us. I was so ready to stab them with Jhamie's cutter. Napigilan lang ako.

Medyo bitin. Pero okay ang line up. The bomb ang UpDharmaDown at The Dawn. And surprisingly pati yung Hale at Itchyworms. Disappointed with Urbandub's set. I wish they included First of summer. Pero sige, keri. Panalo si Jon Santos aka Tita Midz. Hilarious. Pero patalo yung init. Sobra.

Kakaawa si Karen at ang sweetie pie ko (ick, can't pull that off, can i?).

. . .

Three hours to go.

. . .

Medyo may nagugustuhan ako sa office. Sana maudlot. Bad.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Much Has Been Said

you said that i was naive,and i thought that i was strong.
i thought, "hey, i can leave, i can leave."
oh but now i know that i was wrong, 'cause i missed you.
yeah, i missed you
you said, "i caught you 'cause i want you and one day i'll let you go."
"you try to give away a keeper, or keep me
'cause you know you're just scared to lose.
and you say, "stay."

I missed you.

No more psychotic attacks.

We'll start over.

One step. You said.

And we are.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm not gonna rant.

I'll just say this: same shit, different name. Men and their so-called pride.

There. Deep breaths.

- - -

Highlights of the MTV PIlipinas Awards:

  • An awesome and kick-ass opening act from Kamikazee and PNE. Wala akong masabi kay Jay Contreras. Freakshow talaga! Imagine following up a split with another split? And Chito's yellow and white spartans? Anak ng...harharhar!
  • There's the ultimate performance from UpDharmaDown who sang Maybe and Pag-Agos (good thing they didn't sing "OO" or I would've bawled my eyes out on the spot..hmm, I wonder what I will happen on Friday for the Rockestra. They'd be sure to perform OO)
  • Urbandub brought down the house. I thought there was an earthquake. Ayos, pare.
  • FrancismM presenting AND receiving the MTV Generation Award. His surprised reaction is just, just priceless. And then it was followed by a rousing performance of Dicta License. FrancisM can't help but join the revelry as they sang staple hits such as "Ito Ang Gusto Ko," "Mga Kababayan," and of course, "Kaleidoscope World" which garnered them a standing ovation. Man, even Jhamie was teary-eyed. That was a precious moment.
  • JD Fortune of INXS taking of his shirt and revealing a very, hot bod. I didn't enjoy the press junket for the INXS earlier that morning. It was too stuffy and strict. But hell, he's so hot. What more can a girl could ask for?
  • And the icing on the cake? Sandwich winning the Video of the Year seconds before they perform the closing act with Masilungan and Sugod. Maps voice was near breaking as she gave her thank you speech. Wow. Simply wow.
  • There were some funny moments though..."Hindi ako poor!" (you might need to watch this for yourself when it airs on the 20th)

I was whooping and hollering the whole time.

I forgot that I am running on 0 hours of sleep.

If only I didn't have to work afterwards.

This was the most fun that I've had in awhile.

I think I deserve it.


Men are such neanderthals. I know its not the smartest thing to say right now but I'm so frigging pissed.

Yeah, you, Clod.

Friday, August 11, 2006

One Bright Spark

I received an excinting yesterday. My editor told me during the Protein Shake photoshoot yesterday afternoon. I will be interviewing IMAGO!!! Yay!

One of my favorite bands. Wow! Wow! I couldn't stop gushing with excitement!

Protein Shake is quite an intelligent group of people as well. I had a really fun time interviewing them.

So today I have three gigs to cover: the Callalily and Imago photoshoot in the afternoon and the Muziklaban elims at night.

Last night my editor texted that I can cover the INXS press junket on Monday. Nawala ang antok ng lola mo! Not that I like them. Pang-yabang lang. Hehe. People are already dying of envy.

Okay na rin. At least sumaya na ang linggo ko.

If only.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

When Love Dies (Mila Reyes-Garcia)

When love dies

No one sends flowers

And little cards to lift

Crushed spirits up

No one offers mass

And nine-day prayers

For the battered heart to find

Its peace

No kind epitaphs

Nor eulogies singing praises

And no comes to do

Your wearisome chores for you

When love dies

You cry your cries


(imagine, finding this poem lost between piles of mai's previous emails about Carlo.)

Two Trick Pony (Sandwich)

I want to move on
Not realizing I was moving too slow
Tried to hang on
But there was nothing left for me to hold

It’s such a shame that you can’t be with me tonight
I’m spinnin’ ’round in cycles
Hope you change your mind
Before the show is over
I look around, it’s you I thought I’d find

Been on standby
Not realizing I was waiting too long
Instant replay
But there was nothing I can do about it

Still in denial
I can’t believe that you can do this to me
No lights ahead
I’ve been looking forward but I could not see

I have been waiting for you all night
Under the glow of the satellite

- - -

After days of mourning and staring in space and being surrounded by people but still floating in isolation, I've finally come up with a resolution.

I think I'm ready to let go.

I can already smell it ending, and its breaking my heart.

If only I would know how to deal with missing him badly, then I would be okay then.

But yes, it would end. Soon.

And if he decides to walk away without looking back, then I would know that he's nothing special after all.

I can start putting my life back on track again.

And resume my so-called seven years of famine.

But my heart will heal. It has to.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

As per Mark "Raggy" Ragudo instructed me, here are the things that I should do to keep my sanity:

1. Play soccer again- Yep, I did play for my college way back, in uh, college and I haven't played in three years. I might've lose my touch (or kick) but as soon as I start training I daresay I can get back in shape again. I've started to contact old football buddies, and I'm planning to buy a pair of new cleats as soon as I get my money. Raggy said he'd even help join the People Support Soccer club. Hah. Cool.

2. Learn pottery- This one, I have to think about carefully yet. I'm not the artsy-fartsy type. That's my other brother's shtick, not mine.

3. Take up Boxing lessons- Now this I'm definitely planning to do. Will start scouting for gloves and stuff. Hoohah!

4. Volunteer to do good stuff at a non-profit organization- Will ocnsider this if its something to do with women and children.

I guess his bottom line is that I need to move. Not mope. I'd already moped for one whole day already.

Monyat, Joi, and Raggy had to babysat me throughout the whole ordeal. Heck my system is still running on alcohol I think.

I'm also sporting a bump on the forehead. Nasty accident with my nephew last Saturday.

Sugarfree rocks! Can't wait for their new album!

I love watching Sandwich's live performances. Sugaraims' kicks ass!

Love still sucks. Hitting rock bottom and 50 feet of crap.

Burnout (Sugarfree)

mahal ko na ang Sugarfree...

O, wag kang tumingin ng ganyan sa akin

'Wag mo akong kulitin, 'wag mo akong tanungin
Dahil katulad mo, ako rin ay nagbago
'Di na tayo tulad ng dati, kay bilis ng sandali

O, kay tagal din kitang minahal

Kung iisipin mo, 'di naman dati ganito
Teka muna, teka lang, kelan tayo nailang?
Kung iisipin mo, 'di naman dati ganito
Kay bilis kasi ng buhay, pati tayo natangay

O, kay tagal din kitang minahal

Tinatawag kita, sinusuyo kita
'Di mo man marinig, 'di mo man madama

O, kay tagal din kitang mamahalin

Friday, August 04, 2006

Spit. Lie.

You Will Hear Thunder (Anna Ahkmatova)

You will hear thunder and remember me,
And think: she wanted storms. The rim
Of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson,
And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.

- - -

Never, ever lie to me.
Not when I have been good to you like this.
You don't know me. I can get vindictive.
I rammed my head into yours and I didn't feel a thing, right?
Don't ruin this.

crazy, crazy...

My officemates are Spark-addicts...

We had a showdown of how many That's Entertainment stars we can name and here is the result:

James has joined the room.
it has joined the room.
william has joined the room.
chris has joined the room.
Noel has joined the room.
rowald has joined the room.
chelle has joined the room.
[08/03/2006 12:41 PM] william: ricky rivero
[08/03/2006 12:42 PM] rowald: jovit moya
[08/03/2006 12:42 PM] Noel: lovely rivero
[08/03/2006 12:42 PM] rowald: robert ortega
[08/03/2006 12:42 PM] william: aljon jimenez
[08/03/2006 12:42 PM] Noel: benedict aquino
[08/03/2006 12:42 PM] it: hindi ko gets ang pinaguusapan ninyo
[08/03/2006 12:43 PM] rowald: monching
[08/03/2006 12:43 PM] william: chucky dreyfus
[08/03/2006 12:43 PM] rowald: isabel granada
[08/03/2006 12:43 PM] william: janet arnaiz
[08/03/2006 12:44 PM] rowald: jaypee de guzman
[08/03/2006 12:44 PM] william: kasilyn francisco
[08/03/2006 12:44 PM] rowald: robert tarusa
[08/03/2006 12:44 PM] william: robin daw
[08/03/2006 12:44 PM] william: hndi robert
[08/03/2006 12:45 PM] rowald: un yung real name daw nun
[08/03/2006 12:45 PM] rowald: sabi ni idol
[08/03/2006 12:45 PM] william: chris villanueva
[08/03/2006 12:46 PM] James: tina paner
[08/03/2006 12:46 PM] James: lotlot de leon
[08/03/2006 12:46 PM] rowald: yari kayo andito na si idol
[08/03/2006 12:46 PM] william: isa isa lang
[08/03/2006 12:46 PM] Noel: maricel morales
[08/03/2006 12:46 PM] Noel: shirley fuentes
[08/03/2006 12:46 PM] James: donita rose
[3:44 AM] chelle: si anna roces
[3:44 AM] william: romnick sarmienta
[3:44 AM] rowald: chinnie de leon
[3:44 AM] chelle: jeffrey santos
[3:44 AM] James: francis magalona
[3:44 AM] william: kuya germs
[3:44 AM] rowald: jojo alejar
[3:45 AM] william: keempee de leon
[3:45 AM] James: lea salongga
[3:45 AM] rowald: ruffa gutirrez
[3:46 AM] it: dun na lang kaya ako magoffice sa server room. malamig at presko kasi
[3:46 AM] chelle: si herbert ba kasama?
[3:46 AM] rowald: di noh
[3:46 AM] rowald: matanda na yun
[3:46 AM] chelle: pero binasted iysa ni lea
[3:46 AM] it: lotlot deleon
[3:47 AM] william: naulit lang yun
[3:47 AM] Noel: ian veneracion
[3:47 AM] rowald: billy joe crawford
[3:47 AM] James: galing
[3:47 AM] chelle: si aiko ba?
[3:47 AM] chelle: ay regal baby na pala yun
[3:47 AM] william: pasok un
[3:47 AM] Noel: pasok c aiko
[3:47 AM] James: piolo pascual
[3:47 AM] James: di nyo alam yan no...
[3:47 AM] william: loko di kasama si piolo
[3:47 AM] James: sama mo
[3:47 AM] chelle: shet pasok pa si aiko!
[3:48 AM] James: pa si judy ann santos
[3:48 AM] rowald: janno gibbs
[3:48 AM] william: yan si juday
[3:48 AM] James: jeffrey santos
[3:48 AM] william: pero piolo ?
[3:48 AM] James: oo
[3:48 AM] william: anu ka
[3:48 AM] James: kasama iba name nya
[3:48 AM] rowald: fatima alvir
[3:48 AM] James: ba...
[3:48 AM] James: galeng
[3:48 AM] Noel: lupit mo pre
[3:49 AM] rowald: nyahahahha
[3:49 AM] James: talagang thats na thats
[3:49 AM] william: invite mo si tonee dali
[3:49 AM] James: kring kring gonzales
[3:49 AM] rowald: glaiza herradura
[3:49 AM] william: galeeeng
[3:49 AM] Noel: malupit
[3:49 AM] william: keno ba?
tonee has joined the room.
[3:50 AM] rowald: di kasam si keno dun
[3:50 AM] Noel: jaime garchitorena
richard has joined the room.
[3:50 AM] tonee: zup ppl?
[3:50 AM] william: jean garcia
[3:50 AM] James: e si frederico moreno kasama ba
[3:50 AM] James: bwaaaaa
[3:50 AM] chelle: si rita avila ba that's alumna din?
[3:50 AM] tonee: tonee and mm in the house!
[3:50 AM] James: isko moreno
[3:50 AM] william: mga thats daw toni sinu sino
[3:50 AM] James: ara mina
[3:50 AM] chelle: rachel alejandro
[3:50 AM] Noel: pasok c rita
richard has left the room.
[3:50 AM] Noel: jestoni alarcon
[3:50 AM] tonee: billy crawford
[3:51 AM] william: rita avila
[3:51 AM] tonee: joed serano
[3:51 AM] it: OT ako dito. hindi pa uso ang cable sa pangasinan noon
[3:51 AM] william: tapos na po
[3:51 AM] tonee: francine prioeto
[3:51 AM] rowald: pia moran
[3:51 AM] James: pia
[3:51 AM] tonee: ?????
[3:51 AM] chelle: pia moran?
[3:51 AM] tonee: starwberry
[3:51 AM] chelle: si bambam
[3:51 AM] tonee: strawberry
[3:51 AM] it: jingoy estrada
[3:51 AM] tonee: bamba yun
[3:51 AM] chelle: bigla kayong nalungkot?
[3:51 AM] chelle: si julie vega?
[3:51 AM] tonee: na gang rape daw yun? true ba?
[3:51 AM] william: o nga si bamba
[3:51 AM] James: sino yung nanalo sa international pageant?
[3:51 AM] william: galing
[3:51 AM] chelle: bamba pala...
[3:52 AM] James: aside kay rufa
[3:52 AM] rowald: yayo aguila
[3:52 AM] william: donna cruz
[3:52 AM] James: si Precious Hipolito
[3:52 AM] chelle: huwat?
[3:52 AM] rowald: janet arnaiz
[3:52 AM] william: lupit!!!
[3:52 AM] tonee: carol dauden
[3:52 AM] chris: reporter na sya sa channel 13
[3:52 AM] Noel: matibay talaga c idol
[3:52 AM] tonee: jenny roa
[3:52 AM] chelle:
[3:52 AM] william: jenny roa? sinu un?
[3:52 AM] tonee: keempee de leon
[3:53 AM] Noel: manilyn reynes
[3:53 AM] chelle: sino nga si jenny roa?
[3:53 AM] James: jeeny roa na naging asawa ni gabby
[3:53 AM] william: ay oo nga
[3:53 AM] James: bwaaaa
[3:53 AM] James: di raw sabi ni m
[3:53 AM] tonee: mm>nde jenny siquia yun
[3:53 AM] william: keno
[3:53 AM] william: pa rin ako
[3:53 AM] tonee: rogers?
[3:53 AM] James: walang keno doon///
[3:53 AM] chelle: si jc at bernard bonnin
[3:53 AM] tonee: keno rogers?
[3:53 AM] rowald: janice jurado
[3:53 AM] chelle: dennis da silva
[3:53 AM] tonee: alfie anido
[3:53 AM] tonee: ruffa gutierez
[3:54 AM] James: romano vasquex
[3:54 AM] chelle: kim francisco
[3:54 AM] tonee: leonardo litton
[3:54 AM] chris: jojo alejar
[3:54 AM] william: denis desilva
[3:54 AM] chelle: tootsie guevarra
[3:54 AM] rowald: juan miguel salvador
[3:54 AM] chelle: michael locsin
[3:54 AM] James: bwaaaaaaaaa
[3:54 AM] chelle: smokey manaloto
[3:54 AM] tonee: rudolph yapkinchay
[3:54 AM] rowald: rachel anne wolfe
[3:54 AM] James: michael at janet di ba
[3:54 AM] chelle: bunny paras
[3:55 AM] tonee: jennifer mendoza
[3:55 AM] chelle: john mondejar
[3:55 AM] rowald: louie herredia
[3:55 AM] chelle: SIMON SOLER!@!
[3:55 AM] tonee: bryl mondejar
[3:55 AM] James: sino ba yung first thats.... aside kay lea at francis
[3:55 AM] chris: jovit moya
[3:55 AM] tonee: jp de guzman
[3:55 AM] william: romano vazquez
[3:55 AM] tonee: KUYA GERMS!
[3:55 AM] william: sinabi ko na
[3:55 AM] tonee: chuckie drefus
[3:55 AM] william: tapos na
[3:56 AM] tonee: dreyfus
[3:56 AM] william: yup
[3:56 AM] chelle: kanina pa si chuckie at isabel
[3:56 AM] rowald: ray pj abellana
[3:56 AM] tonee: sori ha kpapasok lang nmen mm eh
[3:56 AM] william: o nga
[3:56 AM] chelle: nauna si rowald
[3:56 AM] william: ok lang po
[3:56 AM] James: e si greggy liwag ba kasama
[3:56 AM] James: edgar mande
[3:56 AM] william: sino greggy liwag
[3:56 AM] tonee: zoren legazpi
[3:56 AM] rowald: liberty boys yun
[3:56 AM] tonee: ramon christopher
[3:56 AM] rowald: edgar mande
[3:56 AM] James: tonton guiterez
[3:56 AM] william: lupit mo tonee
[3:57 AM] william:
[3:57 AM] tonee: kay mm na sgot yun
[3:57 AM] william: lupit nyo ah
[3:57 AM] Noel: glydel mercado
[3:57 AM] rowald: malou maglutac
[3:58 AM] James: sira student canteen kasama ni marco sison
[3:58 AM] rowald: nyahahha
[3:58 AM] tonee: lea orosa
[3:58 AM] rowald: akala ko di nyo kilala eh
[3:58 AM] James: sama mo na si coney reyes ng eat bulaga
[3:58 AM] tonee: really?
[3:58 AM] tonee: lady lee
[3:58 AM] rowald: jeanne young
[3:58 AM] James: spin a win?
[3:58 AM] tonee: kim chiu
[3:58 AM] James: ariel ureta
[3:58 AM] rowald: matanda na yun
[3:59 AM] tonee: 14k
[3:59 AM] william: prescilla almeda
[3:59 AM] James: rica pareleja
[3:59 AM] rowald: Azenith Briones
[3:59 AM] tonee: shirley fuentez
[3:59 AM] rowald: Lotis Key
[3:59 AM] william: ruffa mae quinto
[3:59 AM] tonee: monica herrera
[3:59 AM] rowald: Vincent Daffalong
[3:59 AM] chris: ang tatanda nyo na!
[3:59 AM] Noel: pre syota pa ni dolphy yan
[4:00 AM] tonee: aurora sevilla>mm
[4:00 AM] william: symon soler
[4:00 AM] James: odeth khan
[4:00 AM] rowald: Frieda Fonda
[4:00 AM] tonee: tia pusit
[4:00 AM] tonee: sarsi paloma
[4:00 AM] william: ronel victor
[4:00 AM] chris: nida blanca
[4:00 AM] tonee: pepsi manuel
[4:00 AM] rowald: chuiqui hollman
[4:00 AM] James: betring labra
[4:00 AM] it: hindi ba "pepsi paloma"?
[4:00 AM] tonee: chinky tan
[4:00 AM] tonee: papsi paloma
[4:00 AM] rowald: Lou Bonnevie
[4:01 AM] tonee: pepsi
[4:01 AM] James: flora gaser
[4:01 AM] chelle: matet
[4:01 AM] James: ricky monsueto
[4:01 AM] tonee: rosa rosal
[4:01 AM] william: mary walter
[4:01 AM] rowald: jojit paredes
[4:01 AM] tonee: metring david
[4:01 AM] william: 1st batch unm
[4:01 AM] tonee: pocholo montes
[4:01 AM] rowald: ronnie henares
[4:02 AM] tonee: jojit moya
[4:02 AM] James: manny de leon
[4:02 AM] James: bf ni nora aunor
[4:02 AM] william: gladys reyes
[4:02 AM] James: bwaaaaaa
[4:02 AM] chris: john nite
[4:02 AM] rowald: jeric raval
[4:02 AM] James: cocoy laurel
[4:02 AM] James: jograd
[4:02 AM] rowald: angelique lazzo
[4:02 AM] tonee: jaime fabregas
[4:02 AM] william: aubrey miles
[4:02 AM] tonee: mansueto velasco
[4:03 AM] rowald: Marco Polo Garcia
[4:03 AM] James: sinoyon
[4:03 AM] tonee: CHRIS VILLEGAS
[4:03 AM] chris: hoy buhay pa ko
[4:03 AM] william: mel martinez
[4:03 AM] it: psst.. magtawag naman na kayo. ang hirap magsetup ng mga phones and computers ninyo ano
[4:03 AM] rowald: Jao Mapa
tonee has left the room.
[4:03 AM] James: oo sale pala dyan
[4:03 AM] william: april magalona
[4:04 AM] James: how about GLEN VAUGHN
tonee has joined the room.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Boa bought me UpDharmaDown's hard-to-find debut album, 'Fragmented.'