Monday, August 29, 2011

Growing Critters and Real Critters

Despite the heavy rains and howling winds yesterday, we went to Antipolo (coming from Valenzuela) to celebrate the 9th birthday of my beloved nephew Louis.

I was like a surrogate parent to him. My brother and his wife used to work abroad, and they left him to us when he was about 4 months old and just went home every 6 months. They finally stayed here for good when Louis or Motti (as we fondly call him) was 6 years old. So for the most part of his infancy until his pre-school years, I was mostly taking care of him.

Admittedly, since I was in college during that time, I hated the responsibility. I wanted to party on the weekends but I can't because I'm taking care of a baby. He was actually such a joy to take care of, it's just frustrating for me that my gimik times were affected but I have learned so much from taking care of him. 

That experience taught me how to take care of my own when I first had Wolf. I wasn't a fumbling first-time mom because I already know how to take care of a baby. What's also nice is that now that Motti is all grown up, he helps me now in taking care of Wolf. :)

My wish for him is that he grows up to be an accomplished individual. He is such a calm and well-mannered kid and I hope he stays that way. 

Below are some pics from yesterday's celebration:

And speaking of critters. Another reason why I love going to my brother's house in Antipolo is the abundance of little critters that are not usually seen here in the metro. I get to test my Super Macro lens:

I am hoping to be more creatively productive. I needed this.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sticky Trap

Nature is harsh.

While having merienda with Boa (pasta cooked by yours truly), I saw my brother intently staring at something just outside the screen door that leads to our kennel. 

Boa and I were looking at him curiously for a full 5 minutes before he explained what he was doing outside. 

He was apparently watching a very intense fight between a small house spider and an ant that was caught in its web. 

It's a Nat-Geo Photo Op!!!!

Grabbed my cam, set it on super-macro and handed the camera to him. 

It was a vicious battle with the ant putting up a fight: 

But it was a home-court advantage for Spidey. It's kinda like watching Shelob and Frodo go at it, only in miniature. Spidey wrapped the ant inside the web and paralyzed it with a bite or two before consuming it. Yeech:

Poor ant. I wondered out loud how did the ant got there and he gleefully answered, 'I placed it there!'

Nature is harsh, but people can be really blood-thirsty. Tsk.


Jumping back into the fray. 

Tomorrow night. 

It's such a shame that I see my current work place as a battlefield. I thought love was the only battlefield that mattered. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Enjoying My Downtime

My week-long downtime gave me the pleasure of taking care of my son full-time. I haven't had this opportunity in a while because I do not have any leave credits yet.

With 5 days of unpaid sick leave, I can just imagine my paycheck on the 30th but c'est la vie. You win some, you lose some. 

Since I'm contagious, I was advised to isolate myself from people but Wolfie hasn't left my side since Sunday. It's a bit of a risk but he just had his MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine less than a year ago so I figured, he'd be safe.

If he catches the virus, at least he'll be immunized for life but more than anything else I think he's also enjoying having his mama for himself. 

All we do all day is watch TV, alternately Disney Channel or Disney Junior and if he lets me, I get to watch TLC. I admit that I am very lenient when it comes to television but I'm very selective when choosing the shows that he can watch. I'm not against local shows but I find most of them lacking in educational values so I try to steer Wolf away from those types of shows. The only time that I can't control it is when I have to go to work and leave him with my parents. For the life of me, I just can't figure out why mom likes watching Willy Revillame. 

I felt better enough to do the laundry today but the detergent aggravated the itch. :(
My eyes are still a bit sensitive to light but I hope that the headache that have been plaguing me will go away. 

We will be productive today. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So contracting measles is nature's way of slowing me down. 

I'm chatting right now with a friend who's halfway across the world. I just told her that it is scary to gamble. 

I am thinking that I've been trying to move forward but what if the right way is to move a step backwards? Or maybe even to take on a different direction altogether.
A few days past, I've undergone a terrible breakdown. Or maybe it was a breakthrough. I don't know. I haven't sat and wrote like this for a long, long time. 

Day to day practical necessities rendered me mute. I still haven't forgotten Virginia's advise to get a room of one's own.

Despite the emotional turmoils that I have been battling these past few months, one thing is clear. A change is definitely in order. 

Everything else will be collateral damage.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Jumping Ship

The sudden shift of career plans made me so busy that I haven't had time to update this blog. 

This is it for now.