Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bring It On

Ooh, I just can't resist taking a dig at you. You're such an easy target. 

Yeah, you can name-call me whatever you like. You can even do it in three languages. 

It's a free country right? This blog is open for commenting for a reason. You can say anything to my face.  I can take it. This conscience is clear. I was just putting in my two cent's worth. 

I'm just calling a spade a f*cking spade.

I'll repeat, bato-bato sa langit, tamaan guilty. Since I didn't mention any names and you WERE that affected, then that guilt is showing, my dear. 

So if you don't like what you're reading here then don't ever visit my page. 

It's as frigging simple as that. 

And hey, didn't I already deleted you from my contacts list? 

Everything should be fine then. 

But I'm expecting more rants and fireworks from you. If you can, please channel it directly at me. If you don't, I'd be thoroughly disappointed. 

I don't really hate you know? 

I just can't stand seeing mothers being disrespected which are what my previous posts are all about. 

What's so funny about this is the way you came crawling back to mommy, telling on me, after I threatened to expose your rottenness to the world. Which I technically didn't since I never mentioned any names before. You assumed it was you because, maybe, something about my posts struck a nerve with you. Just trying to be logical here, that's all.

You should be glad that your mom welcomed you back with open arms. 

She really is a good mom and an all-around nice person that you and your sibling should be grateful and just love her the way that she deserves to be loved. I know I love her and I've only met her for a short time.

Really simple, right? 

I hurt those who hurt the ones I love. And since I'm doing this to you, it's for that reason. No malicious intent. 

And if I really am the walanghiya person that you say I am then I should have stamped your full name on all corners of this post. But I'm still trying to protect your identity. 

See? I can be real nice when I want to. 

I'm waiting. =). 

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So we celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary. Cannot believe it had been already a year of wedded bliss cause I can't really say that the honeymoon is already over. =). We spent most part of the weekend holed up in a room at Intercontinental Hotel Makati (and I would like to thank IHG Batchmate Ruth Chase for making us use her employee discount. It was a frigging steal).

I hope we get to celebrate more of these in the next, say, 50 years?

I love my husband. I really do.

Anyway here's the recap of that enjoyable weekend. =).

Waiting to be checked in. Photo quality is kinda bleh. I used a 2mp camera phone.

The elevator vestibule.

The lobby.

An obligatory vanity shot.

A view from the top.

Testing out the bed. Woo-hooh!
We were given a double bed room at first but we reserved a king-sized deluxe room so we raised a bit of a ruckus and requested for a room transfer. The only available king room that they had was a smoking room but we had to take it because a double bed room is just not that romantic. =p.

While we were waiting to be transferred, took some photos of the room. The room facilities were basically the same except for the bed. And some of the items in the above picture were taken home after checking out. =). Typical, huh?

We love tub! Aah, to soak in lots of bubbles for 15 minutes.

Watching GREMLINS on HBO.

Is that Gizmo?

This is the humongous king-sized bed. And did it have a lot of space for, uh, rolling around! =)

After checking-in and the room trasnfer and everything we had a quick bite at Glorietta and walked around a bit until our feet ached. We rested for a little while and when we were up to it, we got all dolled up for dinner, hence, the little black dress.

We ate at Red Crab, Greenbelt.

Staring longingly at the chocolate fountain. The buffett is closed when we got there so we opted for a sit-down dinner.

Iced tea, beer, screwdriver, and mango juice. Ha.

Shrimp and crabmeat potato croquettes with crabfat sauce. Ooh, heart-attack.

Lobster paella.

Bacon-wrapped camaron rebosado.

And we were so stuffed that we headed right back to the hotel room after this wonderful gustatory experience. A few minutes into a terrorist documentary on BBC, we succumbed to sleep.

And sleep we did. Haha. We woke up, lingered in bed for awhile took turns in the tub. We packed and pilfered (sorry, tao lang!) and checked out early to have breakfast at the Pancake House before heading home where our 7 month old is waiting for us.

We had fun. We really needed this alone time because we don't see much of each other during weekdays because of work schedule.

Looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hi-Fi Indios Mall Tour

Finally! My big bro's band, HI-FI INDIOS, is now embarking on an exciting part of their flourishing career: MALL TOURS!!!

Here's their sked for the month:

September 7: STA LUCIA EAST
September 14: MALL OF ASIA

September 20: SM MANILA

More coming soon.

Please visit their multiply site for loads of info about the band

Please support OPM. Especially this band because they rock.

The hot guitarist is my brother. And I think he's single right now. Which is good.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Signs of Life

Okay..I'm still in the process of transitioning and migrating and shifting paths (career-wise). But here's how we look like lest you forget how we actually look like.

This laddie is already 7 months! He can sit up on his own. He can walk steadily using his walker. He loves carrots and cerelac cereals. And I'm scared. I do want him to grow up. Just not yet.

- - -

Oh, and I'm no longer legally affiliated with Medicall but there would always be a piece of my heart left there with the people that I'm going to miss the most. And they are quite few but they know who they are. And I'm sure I'll be seeing them again. Soon.

I've spent two and a-half years of my life in there. It's time to move on.