Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Bro

Had a row with husband yesterday (another story, another time perhaps). We've both learned during our boyfriend-girlfriend days,  that it's best if we do not meet it head on and give each other time to stew. Well I've learned that's how Boa deals with his shit. Normally, I'd nag and nag and nag and then end up saying something really hurtful which I can't take back anymore. So giving each other space works out fine for us.

I texted my brother that I'll be going home after my shift.

Didn't ask any more questions, just that he told me where I could find the keys and that Maya is chained so that she won't be able to attack me. Just in case, since Maya is a huge, playful Rottweiler.  Hehe.

We were preparing lunch today, and my usually quiet and reserved brother was chatting up a storm while were peeling and slicing and dicing.

He must've known that something was up because I go home in the middle of the night without an explanation. It was his way of distracting me without prying just in case I wasn't ready to talk yet.

I'm grateful.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Turning 27

Didn't know that I shared my birthday with Mario Andretti.


No celebrations this year, unfortunately.

But as long as I'm chilling with my boys,  that's quite fine.

Looking forward to Freefall-ing this Saturday. We're so gonna rock.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Bibliophile's Lament

I miss my books.

I don't know when we will settle into our own permanent home but I made Boa promise that my books must have their own space to breathe. That's imperative.

Left home to live on my own 5 years ago. I was living in a 24 square meter space but I managed to cram my books in by placing them on durable, plastic boxes which I stacked beside my bed. Served as my bedside table as well.

After that, I've lived in a dorm, moved back home, gotten pregnant and hitched (in that order, if I may add), moved into my MIL's home during pregnancy, and then moved back home during Wolf's first and a half years of life.

I'm now back living to my MIL's house but during that exhausting sojourn, that back and forth rally of nomadic living, I posited my books at my old room. And that's where my babies have been holed up ever since. They're gathering dust. Pages waiting to be flipped and letters aching to be read. Poor things.

I miss them. But someday.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Birthday Boy and His Terrible Twos

Wolf turned two on February 6 and along with it, he is now showing symptoms of the dreaded Terrible Twos.


Wolf is a punk. He had always been this little bundle of boisterous, fun loving and super-kulit kid,  running on 9 volts of Energizer. He's actually my Mini-Me in that area: can't still for long.  We accepted that.

Despite his kakulitan, he has always been even tempered and sweet natured. I kid you not.
He wasn't a colicky baby. Have no problems putting him to sleep because he can sleep on his own even as a baby and now that he's a toddler, sleeping time is a breeze with him.

So the sudden changes these past few days alarmed us.

There had been a lot of fake-crying to get what he wants. A lot of kicking and screaming and lying on the ground if his demands are not met. And I'm also blaming my mother-in-law for his recent addiction, which is playing with ice cubes.

Let me tell you why I'm against him playing ice cubes: First of all, it's messy. And most importantly, he is recuperating from a cold and sucking ice would not help him heal.

Last Saturday, we celebrated his birthday at Star City with the whole family. The kids had a blast, by the way.  Then we had a really big seafood dinner at Dampa on Macapagal.

Everything was going fine until the waiter placed a bucketful of ice in front of him.

And then bam!

The clamor for ice began. And when we didn't comply, it turned into a full blown tantrum-fest.

It was the first time that he did that in public, so to make him stop, they gave him what he wanted. Note that my mother is against the whole thing as well because of the choking risk.

Admittedly, we were horrified by his behavior. First time that he threw a tantrum in public. And I didn't think we handled it well.

To be fair, there had been major changes in the househould recently which disrupted our daily routine, and that must've upset him as well.

Well, we're learning and we're experimenting on ways how to discipline him. He's a headstrong kid so sometimes cajolery works but you have to show him who's boss. Because if you're a pushover like his lolas, he'll bully you. As in.

Despite the changes, we're happy and glad and relieve that his cold did not escalate into something else. he had fun on his birthday. He is a happy, and healthy, and funny kid.

Boa and I are the blessed ones in this case.

Happy birthday dear Wolfie.  We have so much love for you yet sometimes there's so little time.