Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Trick Pony (Sandwich)

I want to move on
Not realizing I was moving too slow
Tried to hang on
But there was nothing left for me to hold

It’s such a shame that you can’t be with me tonight
I’m spinnin’ ’round in cycles
Hope you change your mind
Before the show is over
I look around, it’s you I thought I’d find

Been on standby
Not realizing I was waiting too long
Instant replay
But there was nothing I can do about it

Still in denial
I can’t believe that you can do this to me
No lights ahead
I’ve been looking forward but I could not see

I have been waiting for you all night
Under the glow of the satellite

- - -

After days of mourning and staring in space and being surrounded by people but still floating in isolation, I've finally come up with a resolution.

I think I'm ready to let go.

I can already smell it ending, and its breaking my heart.

If only I would know how to deal with missing him badly, then I would be okay then.

But yes, it would end. Soon.

And if he decides to walk away without looking back, then I would know that he's nothing special after all.

I can start putting my life back on track again.

And resume my so-called seven years of famine.

But my heart will heal. It has to.

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