Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

As per Mark "Raggy" Ragudo instructed me, here are the things that I should do to keep my sanity:

1. Play soccer again- Yep, I did play for my college way back, in uh, college and I haven't played in three years. I might've lose my touch (or kick) but as soon as I start training I daresay I can get back in shape again. I've started to contact old football buddies, and I'm planning to buy a pair of new cleats as soon as I get my money. Raggy said he'd even help join the People Support Soccer club. Hah. Cool.

2. Learn pottery- This one, I have to think about carefully yet. I'm not the artsy-fartsy type. That's my other brother's shtick, not mine.

3. Take up Boxing lessons- Now this I'm definitely planning to do. Will start scouting for gloves and stuff. Hoohah!

4. Volunteer to do good stuff at a non-profit organization- Will ocnsider this if its something to do with women and children.

I guess his bottom line is that I need to move. Not mope. I'd already moped for one whole day already.

Monyat, Joi, and Raggy had to babysat me throughout the whole ordeal. Heck my system is still running on alcohol I think.

I'm also sporting a bump on the forehead. Nasty accident with my nephew last Saturday.

Sugarfree rocks! Can't wait for their new album!

I love watching Sandwich's live performances. Sugaraims' kicks ass!

Love still sucks. Hitting rock bottom and 50 feet of crap.

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