Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ooh...Now I'm Scared

To quote Joey Tribbiani from Friends, "Oh my god, I got my very own stalker!!!!

Now, this may be a gross exaggeration because my stalker can be one of my long lost friends trying to be pa-cute. Anyway, this number: 09204727727, has been calling me since last month. If I am not mistaken.

This number usually does this miss call thing, which I always ignore because it's an unrecognized number, and I'm usually too busy doing nothing to text the number and try to find out he/she/its indentity.

Anyway, this morning, my 'stalker' had decided to be more aggressive and had missed call me around 3x so I was forced to text the number, at around 3:17 am, with this message: "Hu u? Please identify yourself."

At around 3:56 am, he/she/it texted back: "Is this CHEL TAMAYO of CONVERGYS?

Moi (3:58am): Yes. Who's this?

He/She/It (3:59am): They say, u r no longer working at CONVERGYS. is it true?!!

---at this point I tried calling the him/her/it, but he/she/it rejected my call.

Moi (4:04am): Who is this? Its kinda rude of you to ask me these questions when I don't know who you are. Just say who you are then I'd be happy to talk 2 u all day long f u feel lyk it. Ayt? And don't b a c0ward, f i'm calling u, u can answer the phone, i won't bite. d0nt w0rry. =p.

He/She/It (4:08am): Nevermind calling. Me Coward? No im not. I just want to know, what is the TRUTH! So please answer my question, thats all. R u still working at CONVERGYS? Tnx.

Moi (4:11am): Oh no, i think dats unfair. And yeah, ur chicken 4 not stating who you are and not answering my cols when I'm all willing 2 waste my load on you. Have a great day!

He/She/It (4:20am): Tnx u included mine 2 ur email. (note: wtf does this mean?). BDW, i will find a way 2 know ur email add and l8r on i will send u messgs thru my meail. have a nice day 2 CHEL. ('~')

- - -

Oh yeah, now I'm freaking scared. What if he/she/it got access to all of my info and sabotage me somehow? My main concern right now is to change or not to change my number. I've had this phone number for about 5 years and I'm not planning to change it for some wacko who's having too much fun at my expense. Anyway...should he/she/it contacts me again, I'll let you all know.

In the meantime, friends and wonderful readers of my blog, since I posted his/her/its number, you can try to do some Jennifer Garner moves on your own and help me find out this person's identity. And make him/her/it stop, otherwise I'd follow my officemate's suggestion to ... (I'll keep it my own little secret for now).

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