Thursday, April 06, 2006


You know what they say that when the girl says it's over, it's over?

Well I'm killing whatever imprint you have left in me, little by little.
I'll catch your breath as lies pour out of your mouth, and hold my hand over your mouth so that your heartbeat will be extinguished little by little as I stop air from coming out of you.

You will die little by little.

I will not give you the satisfaction of that one final blow of death.


All that I've given you I will take back, one by one.

Even if it kills you.


So I say it's over but I'm not yet done with you.

The sighs that I murmur during the moments when we were both in silent repose?

The air that I expel with each breath?

You'd better not let them wrap around you.

It could cost you your life.

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