Monday, August 04, 2008

Somewhere Between John Mayer and Her Pillow

...Jennifer Aniston must be crying buckets right now. Never been a huge fan of her during her FRIENDS time but I did try to copy some of her 'do (which turned out to be total disasters). She's okay, but I'm still split between Phoebe and Joey.

Anyway, how cute is Shiloh. =). To quote,
"And Shiloh is totally holding one of the golden twins and thinking, "I finally have someone to play with in the basement!" That you do, Shiloh." hahahahaha.

Brad and his crow's feet is really fighting the hot in here. That said, he's slowly entering the gurang but hot category. I still love him though! Angie still needs to pack a few more pounds. And please, nix the Catwoman and future Lara Croft projects. Just do the sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That should do it.

This set of twins is cute. Better than Jlo's and Skeletor's(TM)

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