Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nearing The Homestretch

I can't wait for my maternity leave. All I want to do right now is to lie down on my mom's sofa, surrounded by lots of fluffy pillows, eat lots of chocolate chip cookies while watching my brother battle weird zombies on PS3 (Resident Evil 5, beybeh!). Swollen feet be damned!

Of course, I would also like the luxury of ordering people around (read: my husband and brothers) and manipulating them whenever I have a whim that I want to satisfy, like Biggie Fries from Wendy's or a huge slice of Red Ribbon Blueberry Cheesecake or any of my mom's cooking.

I really want to enjoy my last few weeks of pregnancy to the fullest but I still have roughly a month to go before I am scheduled to go on maternity leave (February 18). My estimated due date is on the 24th, which gives me a week to relax and be pampered, assuming that Wolfgang wouldn't insist on being born before he is supposed to be.

I really need to savor all of these because after I give birth, all the attention would definitely be on the little one. I'll be casted aside and people would forget that I spent about 9 months carrying this little kick-happy bundle inside me.

Excited to attend my baby shower next week. I'll see a lot of the people that I love the most in one place and they would shower me--or rather my baby (see! it's starting already!) with presents. Hee!

Ooh, I will definitely miss all the special attention that I'm getting right now. And my huge breasts. And being pregnant came in handy during the holiday season because I can flag down cabs and people would not kill me for it because I'm preggo. =).

But I also want to go back to regular walking, instead of waddling around. It's hard to be Superwoman when you're carrying an excess baggage of about 30 lbs. I can't wait to wear all my regular, non-pregnant clothes because I've started wearing my mom's daster. >.<.
Not kidding, I'm wearing my mother's daster. And it's so comfortable that I don't mind broadcasting it. =).

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