Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holiday Burps

Bunch and bunch of photos taken over the Holidays.

Spent both Christmas and New Year's over at Valenzuela and for Christmas, Mom cooked her usual.

Joey's favorite food aside from pizza and sandwiches...lasagna. =).

This is my mom's famous chicken ala king. They're the BEST! And I'm not exaggerating. Never heard of anyone turning down a serving of my mom's ala king and people would rave days after eating these. They're best with toasted bread but sometimes when we're in the mood, we would create empanadas and use these as stuffing.

Of course, the holiday ham...

My nephew showing off his gift

Nice shot of my nephews' bling-blings while they were playing. I think those are called UFO's of something.

We also had new additions to the Anne (as in Curtis) and Bea (as in Alonzo)...just decide which is which. Hehe. My cousin had the intention of breeding them when, upon checking their genitals, I told him that both were female. I used to breed hamsters with disastrous results so I told myself never again. But they're fun pets...better than those boring, stagnant Siamese Fighting Fish. They're only cool when they're ripping each other apart, but in their lonesome...boring!


My brother and his gf playing Resident Evil 4 on PS2 while waiting for the clock to strike 12.

My brother was dubbed as the 'Hotdog Master' for New Year's.

My brother and his smarmy smile while cooking what else...

And here's his handiwork. A plate of hot dogs plus a lonely cheese dog on the side.

My mom used a recipe from a Del Monte Kitchenomic book. The sauce is kinda weird..the color was somewhere between pink and orange, but it tasted good nonetheless.

We bought 3 kilos worth of meat and slathered some Hunts Hickory and Brown Sugar Sauce over it.

We all are carnivores.

My brother's portable grill was heaven sent...these beauties were cooked in less than 30 minutes without much effort. The downside is that it lacks that cooked-in-the-coal taste and essence that char-grilled meat has.

My husband, the original meat-macho man. =).

Steak goes well with beer. =). Too bad for me. =(

Maya's first New Year was kinda traumatic for her. She should learn a trick or two from our other dogs, Piglet and Colossus, New Year's Day was just another day to them. But boy, did they had a lot of bone to chew from. Maya is pictured here with her mommy and with her daddy below.

Fruits, meat, pasta, cake, wine, and cheese. We hope to have a bountiful upcoming year as well.

Happy New Year everyone. =).

I've noticed that it had been a relatively quiet New Year in our area. Even the Chinese family, the king of the new year firecrackers, that lives across the street was done with their show 30 minutes after midnight. And by 1 am, everything had considerably calmed down, which was a relief for me and my baby who had been kicking non-stop the entire time. Anyway, we just had a few fountain and one dragon fireworks which was beautiful to watch. Just view the vid below...

post script:

One of my nephew contacted dengue fever and was hospitalized after the 31st. He's getting better now but we had a scare. But what matters is that he's gonna be better now. Also hoping for my family and friends' good health for this year.

Also, mu husband and I belatedly realized that we hurt my mom-in-law's (his mom) feelings when we left her alone for New Year's. We'll make it up next year...promise.

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