Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Sogo Motel Yahoo Group

I received an invitation to join the Sogo Motel Yahoogroup (ardee! stop laughing!!!), and on a whim I joined. I actually had no idea how that came about...I didn't even know such a group existed. Anyway, I checked out the thing, and god! It was fuck central! I was just laughing and laughing as I was browsing out the site. There were actually members who posted their numbers for SEB's...hoy, I'm not giving anyone an idea...i just find the whole thing hilarious...don't worry, I'm deleting din my membership. I just had to see for myself what's going on in there. LOL!

ayan, for your benefit, dear friends, eto ang URL niya:

feel free to visit, malay niyo, dito niyo nakita true love niyo...ha ha ha! basta ako...masaya na ako.

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