Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sticky Trap

Nature is harsh.

While having merienda with Boa (pasta cooked by yours truly), I saw my brother intently staring at something just outside the screen door that leads to our kennel. 

Boa and I were looking at him curiously for a full 5 minutes before he explained what he was doing outside. 

He was apparently watching a very intense fight between a small house spider and an ant that was caught in its web. 

It's a Nat-Geo Photo Op!!!!

Grabbed my cam, set it on super-macro and handed the camera to him. 

It was a vicious battle with the ant putting up a fight: 

But it was a home-court advantage for Spidey. It's kinda like watching Shelob and Frodo go at it, only in miniature. Spidey wrapped the ant inside the web and paralyzed it with a bite or two before consuming it. Yeech:

Poor ant. I wondered out loud how did the ant got there and he gleefully answered, 'I placed it there!'

Nature is harsh, but people can be really blood-thirsty. Tsk.

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