Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Current Boob Tube Faves

House MD was introduced to me by my friend Ardee way back in 2004.  My husband and I got hooked the after watching the 1st episode.  Hugh Laurie and the crew have undergone a whole lot of changes these past few seasons (and I still miss Cameron because she looked so good with Chase) and I'm still uneasy about the House-Cuddy hook up.

Really, I'd prefer a Wilson-House hook up. Wouldn't you?

Watching The Office was an influence of my former boss (and Wolf'd Godfather), Rowald. 
I'm wondering how the show would move forward without Michael Scott's cringe-inducing antics. =(.

The PB and J tandem has lost their kilig factor and I'm hoping that they show more Creed Bratton. He's the only guy in this show that makes sense. I miss his one-liners.

Modern family is my current favorite. The cast dynamic is just wonderful, wonderful. Very funny and engaging and they seem to have avoided the sophomore jinx that Glee is currently struggling with.

My most favorite character: Gloria! (Jay!!!!)

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