Monday, November 22, 2010

Mommy Concerns

How's this for another run of not-so-goodluck? Wolf have had a case of the sniffles this past week. He was on his way to recovery when last Saturday, after our trek to the mall, he caught a fever and by nighttime, he has shown symptoms of his amoebiasis (he got it way back in 2008 and it recurs every now and then).

It is not as severe as the first time he got it but I'm concerned about his lack of appetite due to the onsaught of sickness.

We're hoping and praying that he recovers soon. It breaks my heart always, always to see him sick.  Ah, such vulnerability when one becomes a mother.

On a more positive note, I got some fantastic news last Friday but I'm not authorized to divulge yet. 

It's good news but for some reason I felt teeny, tiny bad about it. 

Anyway, I'll shout it to the world as soon as soon I'm given the go ahead signal.

And please, do join my ongoing contest:

We still have a week to go.

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