Sunday, June 07, 2009

And We're Back On Track!!!!

For nearly a month until today, I was unable to take my anti-thyroid meds because the damn thing was out of stock in every Mercury, Watsons and even those generic pharmacies.


The symptoms came back full force. Palpitations, irritability, intolerance to heat, depression, insomnia, tiredness, muscle weakness, diarrhea, hyperactivity, incontinence, extreme thirst, and worst of all: loss of libido.

Darn it.

I was supposed to be done with treatment in preparation for my surgery but now I'm back to square one.

I can't take the other thyroid meds (PTU, Methimazole, Strumazol) because I'm allergic. Only carbimazole works.

Finally, I've found a whole bunch of them at Watson's SM Marikina today.

So two more months of medication worth around 4k. Ouch on the pocket.

Any remedies on that?

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