Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet Bogart/Max/Wacky

I found this mewing homely kitty behind the washing machine a week ago while I was doing the laundry. Mom took pity on him and fed him rice and tinola soup and the critter just lapped it up. Brother Number 4 was aghast because he knew this kitten doesn't stand a chance. Our three dogs Piglet, Colossus, and Maya would kill any creature smaller than them.

So he let the kitten out of the house to find his way back to his mama and siblings.

But for the next two days, this mangy creature would pop in to eat and then leave. And by the third day, he didn't leave after his meal and has been staying at the laundry area ever since.

We've never had a cat as a pet except for this one brief time, before I was born, when we had a Persian Cat named Persia (how original, right?) but she escaped and never returned. We've always been dog people so we don't know squat how to take care of this feline.

And this feline, admittedly is not really cute. He is pure black and mangy, but my mom has high hopes for him. I don't know why she fell in love with this creature. It's really weird.

During the day, he can wander freely at the laundry area. He loves lounging at the hamper and rolling around in my brother's clothes. Which pisses him off. Hehe.

At night, we keep him inside the house in a crate that I used before when I was breeding hamsters.

We can't decide on a name. Mom calls him Wacky. Brother number 4 calls him Max. Brother Number 3 and I call him Bogart.

Which name would you pick for him?

Any advise on how to raise cats are welcomed too.

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