Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shrimp Is the Fruit of The Sea (Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue)

Had my pre-natal check up yesterday with my new OB...Man, she was scary. But she gave satisfactory answers to our questions and she didn't hesitate to nag me about my sudden weight gain.

Yes, I gained 8 f*ck!ng pounds in 3 weeks!!! Gosh. I've already started showing symptoms of 'pagmamanas' as well. Lumalapad na din daw yung nose ko....Waaah!!!

Well, I've gotten careless on my diet these past weeks because we attended a Christening, Christmas Parties, and went malling a lot so the urge to eat had been difficult to curb. And as if my husband would stop me from eating. Look at him, all big and cuddly.

Anyways, as my doctor had advised me, I am supposed to limit my rice intake and start switching to Wheat bread instead, which I can do no problem. The hardest part is avoiding salty foods like chips (but I've been avoiding these since last month), soy sauce (good bye, california maki), and bagoong (good because I still can't stand the smell). I've been careful with sweets as well, wouldn't want to develop gestational diabetes.

I'm 29 weeks pregnant, only 8 more weeks to go....scared, excited but more scared.

Went Christmas shopping at that new mall called Trinoma. Very tiring. But we had a superb meal at this shrimp heaven called "Bubba Gump."

If everything is quite fine and dandy at your table, then this sign must show, otherwise if you need any assistance, just flip the sign below. =)

Yes, we are ready to order!

My mango sparkler, which I didn't drink because it was a mixture of mango, lemon, and orange. Would've made my gastritis sparkle, that's for sure.

My husband's blueberry lemonade.

The resto's interior. Lots and lots of Forrest Gump memorabilia. They even play the movie non-stop. But it's on mute though, otherwise the crew would've gone bananas every time they'd see a box of chocolates. =).

My husband's shrimp basket. It has fried and batter-coated shrimp, steamed shrimps, and shrimp balls with fries on the side. Lipsmacking goodness!

The other side of the basket.

The "I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp

It's a "large shrimp stuffed with crab, baked in garlic butter and topped with Monterey Jack Cheese. Served with Jasmine Rice."

- - -

We were stuffed after this, and what better way to burn calories by continuing our shopping expedition.

At the end of the day, I was so tired. This would be our last mall stop over for this year. I'd spend the next month relaxing and the only time I'll set foot in a mall again is when we start to do our baby shopping.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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