Thursday, December 06, 2007


Day 1

Tuesday (December 1) was Date Day for me and my husband. This was our first time to visit the famed SM Mall of Asia, and the place was really huge! We just started walking around (well my husband was walking, I was more or less waddling. =p) and started to take in the sights.

Good thing we went there on a weekday as there weren't a lot of people except in the Department Stores, as usual. But otherwise, the crowd wasn't menacing as compared to, say SM North EDSA.

We weren't planning to do our Christmas shopping yet so we just browsed at some stores but I had to make a quick stop-over at the nearby Starbucks because of their Double-Your-Sticker promo and with my husband's help, I earned 4 stickers that has left me with 5 more sticker slots to fill. =).

Little did I know that my husband was intending to take me to Highlands Steakhouse for lunch.

Backtrack: We discovered this restaurant via one of my favorite food blogs, Desserts Come First when Ms. Lori featured this resto on one of her entries. After I showed the article to my husband, who was then still my boyfriend, we placed Highlands Steakhouse high on our places-to-dine-in-someday list.

And after more than a year of salivating over Ms. Lori's post, the chance to dine here has presented itself, and we were more than happy to take it. =).

This is the entrance from the viewing deck.

I forgot to take pictures of the main entrance inside the mall because my husband and I were both lecherously taking in the fantastic legs of the mini-skirt-Cowgirl-outfit that the hostess was wearing. =p. Forgot to take pictures of her as well. Darn. My husband and I both agreed that the hostess was really hot. Her cowboy hat and boots didn't hurt a bit. No, it definitely didn't.

Anyway, there was a bit of a walk from the entrance to the dining area and we passed by a big glass case containing the pure-chunks of beefy goodness that the place is famous for. And over at the left side would be the tank where four medium-sized lobsters were lazily swimming about. Hah. Poor creatures...they were about to lose one of their mates. (Evil grin).

Sorry for the absence of pics, at this point, we were still staring at that hot hostess' legs while she was showing us our table.

After we placed our order, we took in the ambiance of the whole place and for some reason, I kept expecting FPJ and Erap to swagger inside with their cohorts, and start to chug down bottles after bottles of Gold Eagle Beer. Hehe. The place is reeking of macho-ness.

And there is my definitely macho husband, waiting impatiently for his order.

Our server, Angel. Really nice and accommodating. We love Angel!

A few minutes later, a platter of bread arrived along with our drinks. Always watermelon shake for me, and bottomless iced tea for him.

And there it was...

The magnificent Surf'n'Turf (Php 1680.00)...Half a lobster slathered with Emmenthal cheese and an inch-thick serving of filet mignon. The steamed veggies and baked potato were not bad either.


And since, I'm not real fond of beef due to an emotional trauma years and years before, I had to order their Prawns Au Gratin (Php780.00) because they weren't serving pork or chicken. Beef comprises about 75% of their menu and their menu was only one page, the size of a 5x7 index card, back to back.

Look at those beauties, staring helplessly at me. They need not have worried, they are now at a better place. =).

Taking the first bite of his Surf'n'Turf.

Now this was an expensive meal... the most expensive meal that we have had eaten since we started dating. But hey, trying out new things once in a while is not bad. And this was definitely money well spent. Just ask my husband.

After dawdling and rubbing our tummies, we spent a few minutes taking pics at the viewing before heading back inside to continue our sojourn.

I know we weren't supposed any shopping but I just couldn't resist this cute bag and slip-ons from the EGG Store. Hubby can't resist my puppy pleading looks. =)

After a couple of more hours of walking, my feet are now screaming in protest, and my tummy had started to cramp which only means that my 6 1/2 pregnant body is now tired and ready to rest.

And off we went back home after a day of walking but we're both happy little campers.

Summary: We explored around 60% of the mall. I'd probably be more keen on exploring the whole place in a day if I wasn't pregnant but I have to prioritize my little one.

Little did I know, that I would return the day after...

Day 2

It's still my rest day but my husband was off to work so when my brother and my mom dropped of my team's freshly laundered Christmas Party costumes, I persuaded them to go out for lunch before I die of boredom in my husband's house while waiting for him.

And so, I was back at the Mall of Asia. We didn't cover much ground because my brother had an appointment, and lunch was not as fancy as the day before but we enjoyed our tapa and crispy liempo at the good old Tapa King.

Mom and I spent about 30 minutes watching these kids at Hockey School.

Would've been a nice sport to play, if not for the equipment costs. I'd settle for soccer anytime but I hope that my little boy gets hooked up with hockey. I'd definitely support him on this one.

And the highlight of the day....

With my tall Strawberries and Cream Frappucino, Kuya's Tall Hot Peppermint Mocha, and mom's tall Coffee Jelly, I finally copped enough stickers to get my planner!!!!


And like every proud Starbucks planner owner, I can't help but inhale the leathery goodness of this planner. The last time I got one of these was 2006. This year's definitely better.

My husband had let out a sigh of relief. I won't drink another cup of Starbucks coffee until after I give birth.

Boy, this was a long entry, I have to stop now because my neck has started to hurt but I hope you had fun reading. Ciao!

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