Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is Halloween...Halloween...Halloween...

First of, we have our own brand new digicam. It's a Canon Powershot A550! A review can be found here.

Now we have to have test shots right?

The following menagerie was the brainchild of me and my Supervisor Rowald. =).

And here are the results.

Get ready to die...laughing....

I think we pulled off the Lara Croft pretty nicely...too bad she wasn't wearing the infamous short Khaki shorts. I guess she'd get a lot of guy votes for this. The tank top was hers, the military pants were provided by Rowald via the good old ukay-ukay. The shades were lent by one of my agent, Emmy and the boots and belt were courtesy of my cousin, the ROTC Commander.

We just bought the gloves for Php99.50 and the toy gun with the cheap-ass holster for about Php50 65.

The Undertaker get up was pretty cool as well. He usually wears black longsleeves and slacks so we just added trench coat, hat and gloves on him and then slapped some pale foundation and violet eyeshadow on his face and voila! We didn't spend a dime on this Undertaker.

And now...for the main event...Haa-hooh!

This skinny dude was really a good sport.

This ensemble was a bit expensive to make. All the weaponry were brand new and bought at a local toy store. I had to buy him cloth for his cape and I sewn it myself and Leonidas bought his own cycling shorts. But it was all so worth it.

This was the best that Rowald and I have come up with.

Let's see the other accounts beat this 90 lbs of solid skin and bones!

Team Loopt Halloween 2007

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