Thursday, October 04, 2007

I remember a lot Friday evenings that goes like this: I'd meet Jhamie at Ministop-Galleria branch after work. We'd ride a bus up to Cubao, then ride the SSS Village FX from there, and alight at Ivory Street. We'd drop by Ardee's house first to let him know that we've arrived, before going to our destination, which is always the comforts of Karen's home. Always.

We'd cook, eat insane amounts of junk foods, eat taho from a pitcher, veg out in front of the tube, watching DVDs while taking turns in surfing. And most times, we'd wound up staying until Sunday morning despite intending to stay there only for a night.

Such fun times we've had.

Right now everybody is either teaching, or bumming around, or getting married or having babies or having long distance love affairs. And some have stopped communicating at all.

Hey you weirdos that I call my friend, I miss you all. I really do.

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