Friday, October 26, 2007

New Look

There. I've changed the lay out. I'm not yet happy with my header logo but I don't have any Photoshop here at the office so I'll just have my older brother work on that over the weekend.

- - -

I've been really good this past week. I've become a salad-addict. I have to eat at least one serving a day. I especially like those crunchy, leafy ones with really good Asian dressing. I've never been a salad person before but now, my carnivorous tendencies have considerable lessened. I've also been increasing my water intake each day. And it works wonder. My constipation have ceased and I'm feeling less crampy as well.

This little runt inside me is moving a whole lot. He squirms, wiggles, kicks, and punches me so hard many times during the day that sometimes I would yelp in surprise.

My husband and I have a lot to look forward to. =). We really do.

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