Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kidney Bean

Kidney Beans

Our baby's grown so big! From a mere 3.2 millimeter last July 07, s/he's now 6 centimeters! That's a whopping 2.36 inches! We can now see her formed like a kidney bean and she's moving a whole lot! Like those beans jumping in a box!

I thought for a second that the monitor was just fuzzy but the doctor said that s/he's the one moving. That's why I'm feeling those cramps every now and then...the little thing is having his/her own party inside me. =).

Well s/he's bored so she has to amuse her/himself while in there, right?

I'd post the sonogram here as soon as I scan it.

I can't wait for the 20th week...we'll know then if it's a boy or girl!!!!

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