Wednesday, August 08, 2007

11 Weeks

I'm about the finish the first trimester (yay!). The nausea have considerably lessened but I'm salivating more and more the heartburns are getting worse especially at night. I still haven't gained any weight but that's about normal for the first trimester. Some of my clothes are tightening up around the waist so I'm mostly wearing loose shirts and slacks these days.

My bond with my family is stronger than ever. I feel well taken cared of by everyone. Even my future in-laws have been nothing but great.

I still hate the smell of fast food. Even their commercial makes me sick. I should drink lots of water but I hate its plain taste so I'm drinking lots and lots of juices. The sugar can't be good for me. I'm eliminating junk food from my body which sucks.

But I want to have a healthy baby so the sacrifices, I'd say, are pretty much worth it.

We already thought of names, both for a girl and a boy but I'm not hiding the fact that I really want a precious girl. I love my nephews but I've had enough of boisterous boys. So I'm crossing my fingers...

And there's one thing that's really scaring me...


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