Friday, April 13, 2007



I need to slow down.

I've been running around everywhere this week. Juggling my new responsibilities at work, doing day to day errands, the tax season, while trying to maintain everything else had taken its toll on me. I've had the flu for about 6 days now, and I've been complaining of chest pains even if I'm doing simple activities like walking or sitting or laughing and especially when I'm stooping down. I've been to an emergency room but they haven't resolved this issue so I'll be getting a second opinion soon.

I've put the Wedding Plans on hold until I've accomplished the major tasks that needs to be taken care of first.

And to top it all, I've received some pretty horrifying work-related news two days ago. It affected me so much that I literally punched this woman that pushed me on the lrt. I was that affected.'s just a matter of hours now...the matter is out of our hands. We can only hope and pray but we are expecting chaos. Total chaos. As my bossing Rowald said, we were just innocent dinosaurs grazing on earth when this big meteor blasted us into oblivion. There, that about sums it. I'm sure its classified information so you'll know everything in a day or two.

Boa's birthday is coming up in three days but we will celebrate it on the 15th. I've been up my toes planning to make sure that my future husband (wow...again...such huge words) will have the best day of his life...for this year, anyway. He's turning 27!

I can't find the way to console my friends. Everyone is going through something right now. I feel so detached. Or more accurately, I am so bubbling with excitement that I can only look at everything with rose-colored glasses.

I need to be brought back to earth.

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