Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bells Are A Ringing

Project: Roa-Tamayo Nuptials

Just to be clear, for the next 17 months there is a great possibility that the only topic written on this blog would be about our upcoming wedding. Since that seems to be the most exciting thing that is happening to me (and by far, the biggest since getting my degree three years ago), you will get sick of it. I guarantee. But if you're one of my friends, and you're truly happy for me, then you can always check this blog for updates.

For starters, we have decided to have it on October 2008.

It would be a church wedding (it's a toss between the UST church and Sta Rita Parish at Philam Homes).

We've already picked our entourage.

Our motiff will definitely include the color blue.

I have already chosen the design of my trousseau. (Haha...that was such a big and complicated word that I'd never thought I'd associate with myself, much more, wear.).

We are on the lookout for a wonderful venue for the reception.

As much as possible, I would not want any hassle. That's why we are planning as early as now. Like everything, careful planning is needed. I understand when they say that things like these only comes once in a lifetime.

Well so far, that was what we accomplished.

Will be back soon for updates.

Despite the excitement, sometimes I still get torn between the ambivalence of losing something and the adjustment that I will go through against what I will be gaining. But that's the deal right? We win some, we lose some. And in this case, I am sure of, what I will gain is greater than I will lose.

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