Sunday, March 11, 2007



This is a long overdue of our new home (well, those are just the model units so it will be vastly different from our house a year from now).

Shot of the kitchen.

a shot of us in the kitchen...again.

The dining room

Me in the dining room/kitchen/sala (ba't nga pala walang pics ng bedroom? kusina lang ba binili namin?).

Anyway...those are all the pics that Boa took. Admittedly, he is not much of a photographer. Hehe. With all this house-buying furor, we are debating on fabric swatches and lay outs and furnitures and corwn moldings. Sounds boring to some, but incredibly exciting to me. For people who think we are moving too can say i-told-you-so if this all goes down the drain. Hee. But I hope it doesn't.

My dearest nephew during my birthday celebration at Glorietta.

We bought his and hers Nike sneaks. Wala lang pa-cute. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit. Alam ko Converse baby ako. Well..that's one item off my wishlist. =p

Happy weekends.

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