Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Old Ball and Chain

The Old Ball and Chain

UPDATES: We have told more people...been getting a lot of congratulations. We told my mom. Who, unsurprisingly, reacted with calm. She'll provide the engagement rings daw. I think she's excited too, she's just not letting on too much. She keeps on asking about our plans kase. Hehe.

I told Monyat and Joi yesterday over breakfast, they kept on pestering me to make them ADULT flower girls and persuading me to have pink and brown as my motiff. And here comes Ardee pa...the friends I love are regressing. Hahahaha! Kidding, guys!

On the whole, most was stunned. But happy for us, I hope.

And siyempre, no one's more happy than the both of us.

Biruin mo, kung sino pa yung tibo, siya pa yung nauna. hehe.

* * *

I've told two of my friends (jhamie and ryan) ...I haven't told my family yet. He hasn't told his either, but I got his permission to announce it:

We're getting married!

We definitely are. We haven't decided on the exact date yet. It may happen before we move in or after we move in to our home. But it's pretty much definite.
As mentioned I already told Jhamie and Ryan, via text only. Boa already told his new officemates. His friends had already assumed that we will get married sooner or later. We haven't told the parental units yet. On my side, we'd probably wait for my dad to go home and get to know his future son-in-law before we break the news. As for his side, it's a whole Oedipus-Jocasta complex, him being the only son and the youngest in his family so we're threading lightly on that one either.

We haven't decided yet if we will do the civil wedding first then do the church wedding later since it would put a dent in our pockets after moving in to our new home or do the whole thing at once. Personally, I'd rather do it once, with the people we loved the most. I would not opt for a Catholic ceremony (the conservative parental units may have a problem with this), instead I'd rather have a justice of peace wed us but it would definitely be an outdoor wedding. A garden...maybe.

We have some ideas on the venues already, we've been toying with the people that would be on the entourage...but aside from us deciding to marry, nothing else is definite.

I hope that my Marriage and the Family (theology 5) professor forgives me for giving her grief the entire semester that I was on my i'll-never-be-married brattiness mode during her class.

I never thought that I'd be this excited. With no engagement ring to speak of, which doesn't really matter, anyhow. I was never a jewelry person and whoever said that we had a traditional courtship anyway (yeah, GSM blue!).

I'd never thought I'd be this happy. Never thought we'd reached this point. But we are, and I want to share this to the world.

I trust Erica Jong when she says that
Sometimes it was worth all the disadvantages of marriage just to have that: one friend in an indifferent world.

Sappy as it sounds, I'm so glad to have found that person. Oh, I'm still the same old cynical me...I still think that men are stupid and that they can't be trusted too much. I still think that I'm stronger than all ten of them put together.

It's just that right now, feet firmly on the ground, I still feel like I'm fifty feet off it.

So, shoot me.

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