Saturday, March 17, 2007


Comfort Zone

I've officially moved out. No more house parties. Miss ko na si Boa. =<

This was a bad timing as the main road to my house is closed for construction. It means a whole lot of rerouting and more insane traffic than usual. It will definitely take me some time to get adjusted to the whole 2 hour commuting thing. Which is a real drag. I'll deal with this mess for one whole year.

Mom had been spoiling me nonstop since I'm back. Guess she really missed me. But she emphasized that since I'm living under their get the idea. After a year and three months of independence, I'd have to burn it down a notch since I'm living with my 'rents. It's nice. But still a bummer.

Another big news is that my promotion is definite. It would take effect on the 6th of April!


After a year of working at Medicall, my career is definitely moving upwards.

I'm still shuffling in between schedules hence the silence in this blog.

And it may still be silent for the next few weeks. I'll be working for 14 whole days straight to adjust to my permanent schedule. Which is stressing as it sounds. But what the heck. Things will get easier after that.

And Boa made me do a bad thing. The sick feeling at the pit of my stomach doesn't go away. My conscience is eating me up....=S.

Well..this is the end of this incoherent entry. Will try to be back soon.

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