Thursday, February 15, 2007



I don't know where I get my romantic streak. I used to have an allergic response to anything remotely related to the usual iffy things couples do like monthsaries...weeksaries...or daysaries or what have yous.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and despite the text messages that was coming in, I didn't reply to any of those. I only greeted my mom, through the good old landline and my dad via email.

Boa was asking me the day before if we want to celebrate, I said I don't want the hassle. It's definitely going to be traffic and crowded. Two things that we both detest.

I told him that I'll just cook dinner at home and that's it.

I was even supposed to be with my friends and have dinner at Venetto but due to my lack of rest, I didn't think that my body would've handled the commute.

Anyway, as I was grocery shopping an idea for a candlelit dinner struck me and I relished the porspect of seeing Boa's face as he steps into the house.

So once I got home, I cleaned like a madwoman (which I usually am), took out all the candles that was saving for blackouts and placed them on small glasses filled with water and placed them strategically around the room. I cooked this pasta recipe that I've concocted, and bought delicious blueberry cheesecake for dessert.

Around he 6:40 pm, he knocked, and I, all scrubbed and showered opened the door.

He was definitely surprised and contrite at the same time because he didn't get me anything at all. (Sometimes men are really clueless about women. Hehe. The battle never ends).

But we had a nice night. We just talked and watched the candles until they burned and sputtered out.

And when he kissed me good night. He thanked me for dinner and he told me that he loves me.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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