Thursday, February 08, 2007


One Giant Leap

There's no way to say this gently so I'll blurt this right out.

I'm (we're) buying a house!!!!

"We" in that statement means me and Boa...and it would depend on how we work it out. Because even if he won't like the place (located somewhere in Pasig), I'd still get a unit for myself for investment purposes and to have a property under my belt that I can claim as mine..all mine. It would be something that I've earned for myself...(I love this certain bravado...where is it coming from?)

How scary and grown up is that?

I found this good deal about Cambridge Village from my friend Anna, (Monyat already had a unit!) where I won't have to shell hundreds of thousand for the downpayment and the payment terms would allow for me to pay it off in ten years. Based on my calculation, I'd pay as much as I'm paying right now for the place that I'm renting and at least after 10 years, the property would be mine or ours, again, depending on how Boa and I work the thing out.

Of course, I'd still have to check out the place (Conrad, Toni, and I have a scheduled tripping on Monday) and would have to show the place to my kin and would have lots of discussion with my dad to get his approval but the upside is after 10 years, when I'm 34 or 35 I'm already done paying for the thing.

Another option is to have it rented out to pay for the amortization...but I would love to live in a place of my (our) own. This is exciting. Really.

It would force me to be employed and stop job-hopping, which is very much okay. Imagine a hefty retirement package...hehe.

I would love to do this with Boa so that my financial burdens would ease up but I keep on thinking about that Vaughn/Aniston film...."The Break Up," or something like that. That, in itself, warrants another long discussion. I'm being a realist here...who can really tell if Boa and I are meant to be there for the long haul. A lot can happen and unhappen overtime. As always, I'm keeping my bases covered. If that's at all possible.

So I'll give another update after Monday then...

A house of my (our)

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