Thursday, February 15, 2007

Love Shack Update

Love Shack Update

I've already seen the place. I fell in love in with it. The environment was good. The space would be just right for me and Boa. It's cheap. And despite what most people had to say about it, there wasn't any traffic at all. Boa had yet to see it, but come Saturday after viewing the place, we would decide right then and there to pay the downpayment.

I'll be staying at Citiland until the 15th of March. I'll be moving back home for one year before we can move in at Cambridge.

For some reason and to our surprise, my family approved. Some of my friends did as well. But some had reservations. They think that we're moving way too fast.

Boa and I had a whole lot of talk about this. We have decided how to handle the finances. We talked about other possibilities such as what if we split up. Everything was pretty much laid out in the open. We can talk, talk, and talk some more but we have both decided that we will and can do this. It is an enormous issue, but I daresay that it's something that is not impossible.

So...I'll let y'all know for sure after Saturday what happens.

Crossing my ten fingers.

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