Thursday, October 05, 2006

One For School Pride!

Everything has already been said but I'll say it once again:

UST Growling Tigers rock!

I've always been a proud Thomasian, it never waivered even though the basketball team had its losing streak (there's more to being a Thomasian than basketball, you see), but I'm prouder than I've ever been right now.

Thanks to my boy Boa for the every second update that he gave during Game 3. (lablab kita! =p)

And to those fellow Thomasian at USTExchange for their tireless updates as well.

United we stand, eh?

Went back last night and saw the architectural changes.

Can't say that I'm happy with it. Then again, it's beyond my control.

There's one thing that I liked though, the huge screen at Espana street that shouts: "Welcome to UST, the Home of the Growling Tigers."

Wow. Just wow.

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