Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Never Too Late

Things I want to do before this year ends:

1. Read an entire book, while sitting on a cafe, alone. (inspired by Jessica Zafra)

2. Play soccer at Sikad.

3. Perform onstage. Kahit maliit na stage and audience lang. And since we're on the subject...

4. Tumalon sa gitna ng moshpit...because sometimes, I just want to die. Hehe.

5. Get out of Manila. Kahit 1 week lang. Read: Getaway.

6. Get my picture taken. Yung maganda talaga. With make up, and lighting and nice background and everything. Yung pwedeng pa-blow up ng 8"x10"

7. Give my mother something nice this Christmas..for a change.

8. Not be absent or late for a whole month.

9. Eat vegetable for a week.

10. Learn how to curse in 10 languages.

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