Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am grateful

This past few weeks had really been stressful for me..financially, that is. I was doing okay, then suddenly I found myself shelling out money more than I am able to save some.

But things are getting better now.

So thanks to my friends. For listening and being there and making me laugh. Somehow it's enough.

My officemates, who had helped me...Robert in particular. The best ka talaga Papa Robert.

My mom, for helping me stay afloat while nagging me at the same time.

My bro's gf, Loresh who made it possible for me not to get evicted. =p.

And my sweet bottom (hehe) Boa for the reassurances and support throughout all this.

Really. I'm getting all choked up just writing about how lucky I am that I have all of Y O U.

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