Monday, September 11, 2006


For those people who stayed home last Saturday, I envy you. We should've stayed home and watched cartoons instead.

Where were we last Saturday night?

Somewhere in PICC, sloshing through the rains and getting our shoes soaked in mud.

Yeah, soaked in mud. My gray, Converse sneakers that I've never washed in its entire existence is now caked with dried mud.

And why were we there in the first place? Muziklaban 2006, that's why.

One of the worst events I've attended this year.

The organizers should have prepared the venue for weather mishaps such as what happened last Saturday.

We left early. We couldn't stand it.

But atleast we managed to smuggle a couple of cans of good ole' Red Horse and the chicken barbeque was the SHIT!

And I have absolutely no idea what went on there. I just know that GOTT was declared the winner. Wasn't able to see them perform.

Stupid whiny writer.

And here I go again, contradicting myself.

It's a job, right? I should just go ahead and do it, weather be damned. But I can't. I wasn't prepared for the weather. Plus I was already feverish even before we left the house.

Another reason for my rant, no Louie Talan sighting. *sigh*

Well Boa and I made up for it by eating out at Mister Kebab yesterday afternoon for lunch. Special Chicken Chelo Kebab always hits the spot! And Potato Cutlet..Yum! (salivating right now.)

Then we bought lots and lots of dvd's at MCS (got myself a copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Like Water For Chocolate) and basically just vegged out all day. =p.

And yes, UST won again, for the 5th time at the UAAP Cheerdance Competish.

Galing! Go USTe!

Its Monday. I have a seven day shift coming up. And Boa will be away for the weekend. Boohoo.

But atleast I get to go home Sunday and Monday. =p.

One thing to look forward to.

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wary_of_scars said...

Pag minamalas ka nga naman oh. Walang Louie? Nag-muziklaban pa sila...hehe..sama. Keri lang yan, paminsan-minsan magkakaroon ng event na pang-asar. Buti na lang talaga at d na ako tumuloy at nagpakasasa na lang sa mga libreng bogchi.hihi. See ya around kapatid!