Friday, July 28, 2006


You said destiny was blind. Well, didn't you mean love? It's 'Love is blind'. That's the saying, isn't it?"

SANDMAN, "Brief Lives"

Salot ba ako?

First there was Makoy.

Now its Boa.

I don't think seeing someone at work is a good idea for me.

Siguro nga may balat lang talaga ako.

Or I'm never meant to date people that I work with.

I feel so bad for him though.

All of us that is close to him did.

And we tried so hard to keep him, but its all for naught.

I've been bending over backwards the last few days just trying to cheer him up and I'm proud of him because he'd been a real trooper about it.

I can't help but remember when I was fired 5 months ago. And when I thought life really sucked big time, my friends and family were there to make me realize that sometimes the world doesn't suck at all. (smirks)

And now its my turn to help someone that I love.

I just wish it'll be enough for him to get by.

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