Monday, July 31, 2006


Okay, I'll establish this. Money, I have none.

Deadlines, now those I have a lot.

It's just so damn hard to write.

And I thought being paid to do it to will make it easier.

One of the worst blocks I've had in awhile.

I need to go somewhere where I can be in a four-wall enlosure, with Tori Amos on the CD player (on the repeat all mode), lots of caffeine, and a PC.

- - -

I've had a hilarious time with Ardee last Friday.

Sabi nga ni Sharon Lim (an officemate), we were on a rampage dun pa lang sa Dencio's where we were celebrating Will's (another officemate) birthday.

We've only had two bottles, at nag-share pa kame pero nung papunta na kameng Marikina, everything was so messed up, in a funny way.

It involved a text message that wasn't supposed to be sent and a very meaningful discussion about office chess and checkers. (you really had to be there)

And once we got to Starbucks at BlueWave, it just got a bit crazier.

Then from there, Jay picked us up then we headed to Sta. Lucia because Jay had to meet someone at Odyssey.

Once we got to Fazoli's at Eastwood (Jay was treating us to our Post Awit Awards celebratory dinner...thanks, man! It was da bomb!)...I thought it couldn't get anymore crazier but it did.

Just ask ardee and the parmesan cheese container.

At around 11pm though, we were too wiped out so after a brief tambay at Starbucks, I just had to call it a night.

I slept for a measly five hours because I had to check if we will get our salary because Boa and I were to take my nephew out so I was texting everybody I know to find out if the salary was credited. And, fortunately it was so I had to meet Monyat's uncle at North Ave to get our money, and then by the time I was back at Makati, I only had enough time to take a bath and dry my hair before Boa and I met.

We had to go home at Valenzuela to pick up Louie, and for Boa to finally be able to meet my mom. Which he did.

I didn't know who was more nervous, my mom or him.

It was funny seeing how uncomfortable the situation was for them.

My mom really outdid herself and she cooked a hell of a seafood feast!

I was touched that she went to all the trouble and prepared something special for Boa because we were supposed to eat out for lunch but we ended up stuffing ourselves with tahong, shrimp, crablets, and my mom's mean menudo (nice alliteration here).

Boa, has always been the silent if you ask questions, he answers that's it.

But mom liked him, I think, because he ate all of the food she prepared and he liked it so much he's already asking me if I could cook the same stuff for him. (Which is when hell freezes over, my mom's talent for cooking skipped my generation so its only freeze, thaw, and fry for me.) Pero dagdag pogi points yun sa mom ko.

My just have to love and appreciate her cooking and she'll love you right back. She has no qualms preparing huge amounts of food if me or my brothers have some people over.

My nephew, on the other hand, is another matter to deal with. Medyo nagulat siya kase nga Boa is a really big guy, with long hair, goatee and all and that's the first time that he's seen me with someone like Boa so Motti had been territorial around me. I guess he didn't like his tita having another 'baby' other than himself. He was so shy around Boa that he can't look at him in the face pero Boa was amused kase Motti was trying to scope him up by looking at him discreetly tapos if he catches Boa looking, magpapatay-malisya tapos iirapan siya.

Weird kid.

So what we did when we got to Megamall was to have him play with other kids at the play area so he will loosen up and try to warm up to Boa.

Grabe this kid was smart! We had to bribe him with a Thomas and Friends train, and a few mechanical car rides, and a Happy Meal for him to finally interact willingly with Boa.

It was so sweet though that when we were on our way home, Motti chose to sit between us and within a few minutes, K. O. na siya and he slept on Boa's arms.

Bad trip nga lang yung travel time kase it was raining really, really hard and apparently Tullahan got flooded up and they closed McArthur Highway and we had to go by the NLEX route to be able to go home. Boa and I were so tired by the time we arrived at Valenzuela. We spent about 700 pesos on cab ride alone. If you can imagine that.

But my nephew had fun. That's all that matters.

Tapos sabi niya sakin, when Boa was out of earshot, "Ota, nice siya. Can I call him tito?"

Aww. So sweet right?

Ayun, while I was printing Boa's resume and doing some stuff, they were both hanging around at the sala and playing GameCube. Sobrang ayaw nang layuan ni Motti si Boa. Check out the photos that I was taking of them.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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By the time we headed back to Makati via another cab ride, we were both so tired we slept for half a day ata.

Tapos Sunday afternoon naman, we splurged on DVD's that we were planning to watch for the next week and we bought the FRIENDS Season 1-10 DVD collection.


That's 120 hours of Joey lovin'!!!

We were able to find Battle Royale (blood and gore galore, yeah!) and Bound (it's not all about lesbianism, okay!).

Haay. What a weekend.

Still, I do hope to finish all my deadlines this week.


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