Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy, Happy, Happy

Yesterday, I was able to claim my Waterboys DVD at the Makati Postal Office and I was jumping in excitement (Bought the copy at
Play-Asia by the way for $7.90) but to my dismay, the DVD does not work on Boa's X-Box because of regional limitations...sniff, sniff.

But still, I have my own copy! Yay!

I owe a lot to this movie, it made me laugh during one of my
darkest hours.

Somehow, it didn't matter na wala na akong pera. Hehe.

Also, last Sunday, Monyat and Karen (Boa was there as well) came over for breakfast and yes, we had fun gorging on ham and egg omellete, pan de sal, and one, huge stack of pancakes.

Karen and I went to MCS (Makati Cinema Square) and hunted for DVD's. We were able to find Cinema Paradiso (another yay!), Irréversible (as per Karen, the wrong CD was inserted inside the case. >.<), and The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

I also hoped Karen had fun browsing at the Japanese specialty stores at Waltermart. I'm just sorry we had to cut it short because I had a big teddy bear of a guy that I had to feed back home (snickers). Balik na lang tayo, Ling, promise.

1 and a half week to go before sweldo. Haay.

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