Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Poor Baby

I admit it, I'm still my mommy's little girl (nope, I'm not a Daddy person despite the fact that I'm the youngest and the only girl in our family).
I haven't been home since about three weeks, and I am sorely missing my mom.
I miss her feeding me. Not that feeding my Polar Bear has been fun and satisfying but I miss my mom's cooking. As in.
I even miss her nagging me.
Yesterday, during my 15 minute break, I spent most of it on the phone talking to her. I was almost bawling when we were saying our goodbyes.
She was insisting that I come home this weekend but of course I can't because I have no money. I have this weird pride thing where I want to hand over something whenever I go home because since moving out, it was understood that I won't be included in the household budget anymore and that I should help them out whenever I could.
Which I wasn't able to for quite awhile because I can't seem to manage my finances lately (like regularization adjustments, debts I had to pay, etc...etc).

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