Thursday, September 17, 2009


"Love is the greatest refreshment in life."
-Pablo Picasso

I haven't been blogging much these past weeks. We have moved again and this time we are practically on our own. Still adjusting. I miss my mom. =(

We still don't have internet or cable connection. It sucks.

I lost my yaya a week ago due to an unfortunate incident (may blog about it soon). Hassle sobra.

And the digicam is with one of my brothers so I'm unable to upload Wolf's latest photos.

In short, everything is still in chaos. >.<. Have not even finished editing the lay out of this blog.

But last Monday, September 14, was marked on our calendar.

September 14, 2009 meant that I have been blissfully married to my big hunk of meat for TWO YEARS. And I/we don't care if you call him baboy. Well, he's MY baboy and atleast he was single and unattached and not married with three kids when I met and married him. Bwahahahaha! (and a lot more snigger)

So how do we top last year?

It was a boon from heaven that a colleague told me on September 2 that Circles at Shang Makati was having 50% off their buffet the whole month of September. And reservations, here I come!

So we totally starved ourselves and apparently was too excited as we were there 30 minutes early. Hung out in the waiting area and took photos. This year was no different. We used a camera phone except that for this year, the camera phone is 3mp. =)

That's the waiting area:

Our obligatory official 2nd anniversary photo:

We were planning a Mafia-style photoshoot (Boa's the mob boss and I'll be his number one assassin and bitch) shoot courtesy of Ronniekins. It's a killer concept, with 1920s costumes and kick-ass machine gun and everything, but there was too much gastos the past few weeks and there's the that was put in the can. Will try next year.
There's a shot of the next table:

Aaaand Circles. Lots of 'em.

More boring pics:

That's a photo of a huge man in mission:

For our first round, we attacked these wonderful, wonderful fruits of the sea:

Holy Hell! There were LOBSTERS! There were LOBSTERS. We paid 744.++/head so by the amount of lobsters we ate, super-duper bawi kame! These babies paid for themselves! And those mussels were really HUUUGE!

For the second round, we went Asian. Ate some dimsums and tempura. They don't have hakaw though.

Pork and shrimp siomai was good.

Husband took a sliver of the prime rib, some sausages, and for some weird reason, a slice of pizza. Prime rib was good. There was a white type of sausage that would be good on a hotdog bun.

I was a bit full by this time, so I stayed away from the heavy stuff and took some pieces of cheese and nuts and dried fruits and drank a whole lot of peppermint tea.

My tongue is definitely un-cultured as I found the blue cheese and emmenthal cheese quite disgusting. Husband pointed out that the cheeses should've been paired with wine and grapes. And then I realized, emmenthal cheese + lobster = lobster thermidore. Yum.

Husband had another round of the sushi and lobster. But by this point, he is also full.

I, on other hand, had started attacking what I actually came here for: DESSERTS.

This Halo-Halo was gone in a matter of minutes.

Sansrival, some fruit cheesecake and fruit salad.

More desserts. I don't know what they're called but they're all good. Except that brown thing...I thought it was chocolate. Coffee pala. It was too bitter.

And me, still attacking the desserts. =)


After two years, married life is still blissful. We're happy. And that's the way it should be.

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