Sunday, September 14, 2008


So we celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary. Cannot believe it had been already a year of wedded bliss cause I can't really say that the honeymoon is already over. =). We spent most part of the weekend holed up in a room at Intercontinental Hotel Makati (and I would like to thank IHG Batchmate Ruth Chase for making us use her employee discount. It was a frigging steal).

I hope we get to celebrate more of these in the next, say, 50 years?

I love my husband. I really do.

Anyway here's the recap of that enjoyable weekend. =).

Waiting to be checked in. Photo quality is kinda bleh. I used a 2mp camera phone.

The elevator vestibule.

The lobby.

An obligatory vanity shot.

A view from the top.

Testing out the bed. Woo-hooh!
We were given a double bed room at first but we reserved a king-sized deluxe room so we raised a bit of a ruckus and requested for a room transfer. The only available king room that they had was a smoking room but we had to take it because a double bed room is just not that romantic. =p.

While we were waiting to be transferred, took some photos of the room. The room facilities were basically the same except for the bed. And some of the items in the above picture were taken home after checking out. =). Typical, huh?

We love tub! Aah, to soak in lots of bubbles for 15 minutes.

Watching GREMLINS on HBO.

Is that Gizmo?

This is the humongous king-sized bed. And did it have a lot of space for, uh, rolling around! =)

After checking-in and the room trasnfer and everything we had a quick bite at Glorietta and walked around a bit until our feet ached. We rested for a little while and when we were up to it, we got all dolled up for dinner, hence, the little black dress.

We ate at Red Crab, Greenbelt.

Staring longingly at the chocolate fountain. The buffett is closed when we got there so we opted for a sit-down dinner.

Iced tea, beer, screwdriver, and mango juice. Ha.

Shrimp and crabmeat potato croquettes with crabfat sauce. Ooh, heart-attack.

Lobster paella.

Bacon-wrapped camaron rebosado.

And we were so stuffed that we headed right back to the hotel room after this wonderful gustatory experience. A few minutes into a terrorist documentary on BBC, we succumbed to sleep.

And sleep we did. Haha. We woke up, lingered in bed for awhile took turns in the tub. We packed and pilfered (sorry, tao lang!) and checked out early to have breakfast at the Pancake House before heading home where our 7 month old is waiting for us.

We had fun. We really needed this alone time because we don't see much of each other during weekdays because of work schedule.

Looking forward to next year.

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